My revelations date back to the year 1993. At the beginning I did not dare talking about my experience to anyone, and I was not sure either that all this would come true once. However, with the passage of time events turned out to prove my visions, and I became more and more concerned watching events of worldwide politics, getting desperate as I had known everything beforehand, yet I was unable to do anything to prevent this process.

Then I decided to share my visions with my family and with people I regard trustworthy ones. It did not change much: my closest relatives could not help me, whereas the prestigious well-known people advised me to take care of myself and avoid writing about curiosities of this kind. Instead of following their advice, I started writing letters according to the heavenly instructions – I addressed responsible leaders of the world, such as politicians and heads of various churches, all in vain. Yet I was pressed for time. Eventually I met an understanding man of letters. I told him about my revelations, and he did not send me away. So we set to work together.

Dearest Friends! I am telling you about myself and my visions all throughout the following pages. You may discover contradictions in what you are reading here, as I do not understand everything quite clearly myself, yet I stuck to the authenticity of my visions and am only telling you what I have actually experienced.



We got up early. The morning was fresh and smelt of Lake Balaton, the late-summer day felt like it was spiced with worries and anxieties. We were travelling by car, taking my 14 year-old elder brother, Feri to a boarding school in Székesfehérvár. It was 31st August, 1969, and the school year started the following day. I was in the third grade of primary school in Almádi, yet that day we had to take Feri to Székesfehérvár so that he could make himself home and start secondary school there the next day.

Our good old Moszkvics was eating up kilometres with my daddy at the steering wheel. Mommy was sitting next to him, whilst me and my brother behind them in the soft-springy seat. Mom had a glance back to us.

– Aren’t you sleepy, sonny boys?

– Nay.

– School starts tomorrow…

– I know, mum.

My father was talking to Feri providing him with pieces of advice, drawing his attention to the significance of good manners, how to behave with his teachers, what he can do and should never do when his roommates see him.

We had left Balatonfűzfő behind, and then also passed Kenese to turn onto road No. 70 at Lepsény, where a speeding car almost ran into us. We had luck then, but one minute later we met fate…

I woke up with my eyes aching. I was slow to recognize what was happening to me right then. I was surrounded by people wearing white lab coats, putting stitches into my eyelids, then sewing the open wounds at the corner of my mouth and on my nose.

– Where is mom and dad?

They gave me no answer, just went on working on me.

– Do not touch it, Zolika – said a friendly voice –, because it shall never heal then. Okay?

– Yep.

After giving me medical aid, they took me to a room in the hospital where I met my brother: he was lying on the bed next to mine and had one of his arms in plaster.

– Zoli! – I gasped.

– Feri! Where is mom and dad?

The porter put me into bed, covered me with a blanket, and hurried away. Feri behaved in a strange way talking slowly and haltingly.

– They are… badly… injured… Taken to another hospital…

I felt relieved. We shall meet them sooner or later – as usual. Our parents never failed to meet us… And this shall never ever happen.


My name is Zoltán Szira. I was born in Gödöllő, 28th April, 1961. The very first fragmentary memories of my childhood take me back to Vácszentlászló. My father’s parents and his relatives lived there. I was fond of all of them and made friends with Bandi Bényi, the son of a next-door neighbour. I have some very early memories of the time I spent in Vácszentlászló. At the age of three I stole some cigarettes from my grandpa for Feri (then 9 years old) and his friends. As it happened, our father had a new job in Veszprém, and we had the opportunity to move to Vörösberény where my mother’s relatives lived. So we settled down in the Transdanubian region when I was about five. It is a pleasant village in a picturesque neighbourhood, famous for its fortified church. I went to kindergarten for one year there and also finished the first grade of primary school. Meanwhile our parents had a house built in Balatonalmádi, thus by next September we had our new home completed and I started my second school year in the much frequented town located on the shore of Lake Balaton. My tender age was thus burdened with moving houses and towns several times. I had most of my difficulties in Balatonalmádi, and spent the nicest and brightest time of my awakening in Vácszentlászló. Yet our parents had a house built in Almádi that we have been proud of ever since. Two storeys plus an attic, that is three levels in all. Back in those days the garage was furnished as a retail, later on we spent our vacation there as we had the rest of the house for rent for the summer. In this house I spent my next birthday, and Feri was just growing up from a 13-year-old schoolboy into a 14-year-old secondary grader when the car crash took place.

My aunt, Ilona Szira and her husband, István Mészáros visited us in the hospital. I was glad to meet my dear relatives from Vácszentlászló as I loved them all.

– Auntie, where is mom and dad?

– It will take a long time for them to recover – she was trying to comfort us.

We left the hospital after a week. Feri had to go to secondary vocational school in Székesfehérvár, where my parents had him enrolled. (It must have been awfully difficult for him, as he had known everything from the very beginning, and he was a child himself.) With some delay I started the third grade in Almádi: my aunt has moved in with me so we had the huge house for the two of us. Our relatives regularly visited and were very kind to us. Time flew, and I kept asking them about my parents, but received avoiding answers, so that I did not know anything about them. One day a friend of ours visited us from Vörösberény. He came by his own carriage with some lovely horses and invited me to sit next to him while taking a cargo to the shopkeeper. I was glad to go along with him: I loved the carriage, the graceful horses and prided myself sitting next to uncle Charlie. The shopkeeper had already been waiting for us and unsuspectingly asked:

– Who is this boy, Charlie?

– The one whose parents died y’know.

This is how I came to know of this awful tragedy. The recognition struck me like lightning, and I was sure I was going mad right away. I was crying and ran home, locked myself up in the bathroom sobbing and cursing.

– There is no God! There is no God! If there was a god, he would not have let this happen! What will be there for us now? What? It cannot be true! No!

My aunt Ilona was begging outside meanwhile, trying to calm me down without success. She was afraid I would do harm to myself, and ran over to the neighbours for help or to crash the door if necessary. It took me several hours to calm down, but could not reconcile myself with the fact. In the depth of my soul there was just one notion: I do not believe that I shall never ever meet them once again. It cannot be true…

Feri came home for a visit from Székesfehérvár, and my aunt asked him, the big boy the question:

– What should we do with Zolika? Don’t you think it would be better for him if we moved to Vácszentlászló?

– Definitely – my brother agreed. – That’s the best we can do, auntie.

Three weeks after the tragedy I was back in Vácszentlászló, the very first scene of my childhood, living in the house of my father’s sister. I had the best place there possible. My earliest recollections revived, and I was treated by the best hands: aunt Ilona and István Mészáros (my elder brother-in-law) who had endless patience and discretion. I had no difficulties at school either: children soon came to like me, my teacher accepted me.

The court of guardians agreed to have my aunt and my brother-in-law as my stepparents, and entrusted them with taking care of the house at Lake Balaton too. In summer it was let for rent for tourists. Feri also came to Vácszentlászló when he had a leave from the boarding school. I had my own room in the house of our stepparents which I shared with my brother visiting us at weekends. My stepparents had a grown-up son, László Mészáros: then he was twenty-seven and lived in Budapest. I don’t remember us lacking anything, except for missing my loved ones gone…

I retained my faith though. And I fostered the hope my parenst are still alive. At least for another eighteen months I kept looking at people I met trying to recognize my father or my mother in them. It is strange, but I do not remember when I first made my pilgrimage to their graves. When my childish hopes vanished, I had an ever growing conviction: I shall meet them somewhere sometime, in another dimension.

And this is when my startling dreams commenced. All of them proved right later on and came true one by one. Once I dreamt I am floating, far away from the coast, and I have an attack of spasms in my leg. The solution is as follows. I take a deep breath, duck underwater, pull on, and then come to the surface. And that summer it did happen. I swam far away from the shore of Lake Balaton, without any sense of danger. All of a sudden a muscle in my leg spasmed, and simultaneously I remembered my dream. I did exactly what I had dreamt beforehand.

Another story. The celebration at school went on for a long time, and it was evening when I walked home. The road was elevating before me, and a horse-drawn carriage with a cargo was coming in the opposite direction. The driver, a gypsy man lost control of the horses, the brake did not work, and the vehicle started accelerating unstoppably. The driver was shouting, the carriage rushed towards me like a stone thrown at me and all of a sudden I remembered my dream: I must jump over the ditch running parallel with the road or else I am already a dead man. I did exactly that. The carriage overturned, right on the spot I had stood a minute before. The carriage broke into pieces, one of the horses died, so You can have a grasp of how serious an accident it was.

I also dream of people I have never met before and then meet them in person one by one. And they do not suspect I have seen and to some extent even known them. The same goes for places. These predictions do not happen to me in a conscious way. Most of the times I only realize I have seen someone or I have already been to a place when it happens in reality. More often than not I am visiting unknown places and recognize step by step that I am familiar with it, and also realize what I am to do there.

The next event is a strange one – I cannot interpret or compare it to anything else. I am fully sincere: I was not in the mood to go to school, as it was a hard day for me with papers to write and report etc. I wanted to avoid it by all means, so I acted I was ill.

– What’s wrong with You, Zolika? – my stepmother asked.

– I feel so dizzy, auntie.

Aunt Ilona took me to the general practitioner. At the surgery I repeated the same symptom hoping he would register me for illness and that’s it. It fell out in a different way though. The doctor thoroughly examined me and sent further on to a hospital where I underwent other examinations. And they found something which I do not understand ever since: there was a blood clot in my brains, which made all members of the family frightened. Yet they did not tell me anything about it. Doctors put their heads together, my folks guessed it must have been from the accident I had had, and I was forced to stay in hospital for six weeks. Because of the fright they gave me medicine and the blood clot disappeared, leaving no trace behind.

I have already mentioned Bandi Bényi who was my best friend. We could perfectly undesrtand each other, so to say had the same way of thinking. We discovered a site in the forest near Gödöllő where the front had come to a standstill for a whole month during World War II. We picked up and gathered every single rusty item we came upon: arms, stand of machine-guns, cartridge cases, whatever, and took everything home. This kind of treasure-hunting went on for years with intervals. When we were in the mood we built a hut, shelter in it, played hide-and-seek, soccer, with buttons, tip-cat. I was also keen on fishing, bird-watching and climbing trees. We caught an owl, put it in a cage, fed it and laughed a lot as it was funny. We had an airgun, and asked people to let us in their yards and shoot the harmful birds. The farmers welcomed us as they did not like the large numbers of sparrows. We imagined we were hunters o na safari and had the birds we shot on a string around our waist.

We spent the holidays in Balatonalmádi. The large house was rented, mainly for foreigners. As it was customary there and then, we lived in the garage with aunt Ilonka and Feri. This was the time when I got acquainted with aunt Julis and her daughter, Piroska. They were displaced Swabians, and came to have a holiday at our place from 1971 on. We made the best of friends with them throughout the years, which proved to be important later on. Germans and Dutch were glad to return to us, and my brother-in-law dealt with book-keeping and everything official. It was strange for me to go back to the house where the belongings of my family were kept still untouched.

The golden era of Lake Balaton came with the 1970s. The „Hungarian sea” was a trendy region back in those days. The beaches were crowded, catering was in full swing, fyring doughs, fish and pancake – businesses flourished. Balatonalmádi had a unique atmosphere, the noise of children as well as the girls’ laughter at night was all part of it. We made friends, found love, but to tell you the truth there were lots of seasonal adventurers coming down from the capital for two months trying to get rich by all means, mainly at the expense of holidaymakers.

I made my best to make my living on my own as soon as possible. I collected brass mortars, fire irons, milk jars, and sold them to Germans and Dutch for foreign currency. I bought jeans from the Italians, and passed them on to Hungarians with a profit. This is how I could get myself clothes and buy my cigarettes. I got used to smoking at a tender age and was smoking two packets of Marlboro per day when I was twelve. I used to buy cigarettes in a foreign currency retail. The world of western people attracted me irresistibly. I was longing for a life similar to theirs, and imitated them. I was dreaming of moving abroad, having a good job, and take part in lots of happenings. And this happened to come true quite soon.

I have to mention Bea Horváth here: I had gentle feelings for her back in those days. It was a genuinely platonic love.

Feri, already nineteen years old then, whilst myself thirteen, made an attempt to make me get rid of smoking. He took out a cigar he received from the Dutch.

– Come on, Zoli, smoke this one!

– I’ll do that, no porblem.

– But you are to suck it into the lungs!

– As you like it.

I lit it and started puffing, doing my best. But not the way cigar is smoked, just blowing out the smoke without sucking it down into the chest. My brother was intently watching me, waiting for the moment I fall sick. It was nothing to me, my lungs were used to the daily doze of two packets of cigarettes since my childhood.

– Give it to me! – he told me angrily.

– There you are!

My brother started sucking it, down into his lungs, then went pale and started coughing very badly. He only had time and energy to rush out. He was knocked out, vomitting again and again. He was a smoker himself, but not as a heavy one as me.


I received religious education from my early childhood from my parents, later on also from my stepparents. I was christened a Roman Catholic, and was a regular church-goer, also because my brother-in-law worked as the caretaker of the church. I was interested in the shorter cathecism to some extent. I was not certain about the existence of God, but I had the feeling there had to be something or someone… I was unaware of my unique abilities and prophetic dreams were yet to come. Religious life, however, did attract my attention. When I finished primary school in Vácszentlászló, I went on studying in Győr, at the Benedictine secondary grammar school. I even had the idea of becoming a clergyman.

The boarding school was not of high standards, unfortunately: there were 30 of us in one bedroom sleeping on iron bunkbeds. All this happened in the year 1975. Yet the choir of the school had a favourable influence on me. The school prohibited smoking, thus I quit my harmful habit all of a sudden. And then I decided to live a healthy way of life. Our headteacher was friar Oresztész Bárdos, a teacher of mathematics: a friendly and helpful man, also an excelling educator. I had also great respect for abbot Asztrik Várszegi who taught us history. We trusted him to the extent that we shared all our problems with him. I learnt with enthusiasm and zeal. And I was assured by lots of signs that I am going on the best way possible.

I had a recurring dream or rather a vision, which has been with me since my childhood, and has been completed now into a whole story, and I feel is part of my being. At first I thought my brains were influenced by the many adventure films I had seen, but later on I realized that was no relevant explanation. Now I am convinced I had an insight into my previous life by the mercy of God.

About 12 500 years ago I lived somewhere in the southern part of the American continent where the jungles and the mountains meet. There was a large village on a clearing surrounded by a dense forest. It was made up of huts built of mud and plant fibres, as well as large houses built of stone. One of the latter was my home as a son of the tribe’s magician. Those parents of mine had lots of children, but most of the time my father dealt with me as he was foretold when I was born that I would be the one able to fight against the enemies of our people. With great expertise my father started to teach me the ancient remedies, cures, black art, medication, the way how I should contact God. He went on teaching me till his death, and I learnt everything from him. According to an ancient rite, his body was taken to a secret funeral site located at the bottom of a deep and narrow canyon. As I was his descendant, it was me who had to take him there and to return his soul to God. There was no vegetation on the burnt, dark walls of the canyon: its shadowy, gloomy atmosphere evoked decay. After a distance of one and a half miles it widened, letting in more light, and this was the only place where one could see it is indeed a hill slit into two by enormous powers. To my right there was a large hole gaping which no light could penetrate. I had never been there before, and I only knew what was waiting for me and what I was to do because of the teachings.

I was wearing ceremonial clothes, that is colorful woven ones. I completed the ceremony in this valley, which took a whole day. In the end I wrapped the body in a large colourful blanket, and took him into that dark hole. The light of my torch helped only to feel my steps somewhat safer. I placed the body at a site marked previously for me, then lit more torches, preparing myself for the night which I had to spend in this cave. I was surrounded by cavities, each contained a corpse wrapped enveloped in a blanket – the earthly remains of my ancestors.

I had a vision on this peculiar, spiritual night, and God invested me with transcendental unearthly powers so that I could defend our tribe against the attacks of wild animals and strange, hostile tribes.

In the morning, when I was leaving the canyon I did not feel that I had changed at all. Back in the village they had a great celebration for me as the new magician deserves this. It was an elevating feeling to know the divine privilege on my side as well as to enjoy the love people had for me.

Years have passed, and I already had a family. However, no occasion arose when I would have to have my extraordinary skills shown. And then I had to.

It was dawn when the village people woke to a scream of death. Everyone rushed out of the houses, men taking their arms ready. The voice came from the direction of the hills. The guards must have been killed. We were gazing at the vapouring distance with terror, trying to make out what had happened.

After a few minutes a large group of wolves appeared with flashing eyes and grinning cheek stained with blood. No such thing has ever happened since the existence of the tribe: wolves launched a direct attack against the whole village. One could see there was no fear in their eyes, and their behaviour contradicted all laws of nature. An elderly sorcerer said there was a spring in the mountains. If an animal or a human being drinks of its water, he or she will be possessed by the devil.

On hearing this the majority of the men in the tribe lost heart and begged me to drive away the raging animals. As I had never been in a situation like this before, first I did not know what to do. I prayed God and had a strong wish: to drive all the wolves away.

And in that moment my body elevated from the ground as easy as a flake, and I started flying in the direction of the attacking animals. I was waving my hands to show them I want all of them to separate and spread. And it did happen! As if a magic force had been in action, the wolves were picked up and thrown at the trees, cliffs, walls of the houses. The luckier ones plunged into the river and thus survived. All this happened within a few minutes. And then there was silence. The cries of the wolves died away, the members of the tribe only stood there wondering, hardly believing their eyes.

I went back to my place as easily as I had left it. It was this moment when I realized what I was given by God. From that time on I was greatly respected, as no shaman had been able to do this before me.

Many years passed. A fearsome tribe living far away from us started to subdue the other ones. Sometimes with persuasion, sometimes by force. And they invaded new areas, their territory became larger and larger. They massacred those who did not surrender to them, the others fled. Many of them found shelter in our vilage, and they also brought some news with them. They said there was a magician who was invincible as he could rise off the ground and annihilate his enemies without having to touch them. His look is satanic, and he sticks the heads he had cut off onto poles that made up long rows now along the hillsides.

War did not avoid our tribe either. A smallish group of the enemy appeared at the edge of the village, misleading us. We thought they were all the people we had to fight with and it is enough for us to show we outnumber them, and they would flee. The warriors of our tribe started rushing at them making big noise, and then took up fighting position. At that moment their shaman rose and scattered our warriors, much in the same way I dealt with the wolves. Watching this I also rose high up in the air to take up fight with him.

He was surprised at the very beginning, but quickly recognized the situation, and we started a so-called energy-duel. We waged a fierce and longish struggle, yet none of us could gain the upper hand. Our powers proved equal. It was getting dark, so we had to stop it, and we continued fighting in the morning.

All of a sudden, the behaviour of my enemy changed and he offered me to make peace. I was glad to accept it. Then he invited me to have a drink with him to seal our friendship. I did not suspect anything, it was only the importance of peace and human life that I had in mind. Unfortunately it was only a trick of his.

He made me drink something that numbed and dazed me, and when he attacked me again, I coud not defend myself in an effective way. He tied me up, and yoked my tribe before my eyes, and to finish with, he stabbed a knife into my heart. My soul left my lifeless body, and flew up to the Eternal Being. God promised me to have yet another chance to fight against the evil, and then I shall be the winner.

There was no difference or contradiction in my visions. And it holds true of all my revelations.


I am searching my memory: Who were my schoolmates in Győr? First of all my friends. József Fehér, with whom I had a lot in common: he was collecting medals, which was also my hobby. Miklós Árpás, who was mischievious, and is now an organ-player living in Austria. Balázs Fodor, a modest boy, who had decided back in those years to become a priest, and he realized his plan. In the same bedroom diagonally from my bed was András Veres, now the secretary of the Hungarian Episcopal Conference.

People, when growing and becoming more and more clever, do hear and see more. Step by step it became obvious for me what kind of contradictions the enclosed Catholic world had in its repressed yet occasionally exploding atmosphere. I do not mention anyone by name and I have no intention to unveil or expose anyone, as this is not my task. However, I have to tell you that hypocritical behaviour gave me a fright, as in its depth there was the sexual alternative. I protested against it spurred by my instincts, it poisoned my mood, and forced me into a state of spiritual schizophrenia. After two fine years I left Győr.

And I arrived in Aszód and went to the secondary grammar school named after Sándor Petőfi. I stayed at a boarding school there. The conditions were similar to those in Győr. Something happened to me, my soul underwent a lyrical change, and I started writing poetry. Here is a quote from my poem entitled The Mirror.


I looked in it, and wondered,

what a strange world is behind,

standing in front of the mirror,

facing yet another world.


Laughed a little,

pointed at the other brother

and very soon I realize

we only have this shortish life.


Pondering and watching

my other self also thinking.

Slowly could I realize

the distance I was looking.


I got acquainted with Éva Halmai in 1977 on New Year’s Eve. This happened in a confectioner’s in Zsámbok where I had a good time with my brother and my friends. When our spirits were already high, I caught sight of a long-haired girl and asked her to dance. She was my first true love. We went out for eighteen months.

I had premium bonds for a car and at the age of 17 I won a small Polski Fiat 126. It was a peculiar coincidence: I was attending a driving course in Vác and fairly soon I received my driving licence.

However hard I try searching my memory, the grammar school in Aszód left no deep impressions in me. I only mention my teacher Gyula Juhász: he was a nice man with a good sense of humour and taught literature. He was my favourite teacher there. Then there was a chemistry lesson when I experienced a strange occasion of the expression of sympathy. We were writing an end-term paper – the next year we had no more chemistry in the curriculum –, or more precisely I would have had to write one, but I hardly knew anything. I was elbowing on a blank sheet of paper, thinking about why fate had set me so meaningless tasks to do. Our teacher was walking up and down between the seats and realized I was not going anywhere with it. When she came by me, she picked up my paper, took it to her desk, and brought it back to me filled in without any mistake.

At the end of the third year a strange thing happened. I was afraid I would fail in Russian language. I had the idea of feigning ill, as it had proved successful other times. I started complaining about a stomach-ache. After going through the necessary procedures I was taken to the hospital in Hatvan. They examined me thoroughly without finding anything – small wonder as there was nothing wrong with me –, then they decided to operate me on appendicitis. This was an adventure I could not escape – yet this story had a happy ending, as my Russian teacher had mercy on me in the end, so I did not fail, and did not have to worry all summer long because of the make-up exam.

At the school-leaving exam I was to speak about the ancient Greek tragedy entitled Antigone. I remembered the plot on the whole, and also narrated it, with the exception of the death of the heroine, which escaped my memory. I was describing the circumstances in detail, including all aspects of the bloody drama, yet could not remember the most important point: the way she died. My teacher, Mr. Juhász realized how much I was suffering and asked me:

– You wanted to tell us she was imprisoned in the rock and committed suicide, didn’t you?

I was eager to agree.

This way I passed the final exams successfully in may 1979.


The First Revelation

On April 1st we went to bed with my wife at around 10 p.m. Quite soon I fell into a deep dream, but only for a short time: something woke me up with a start, yet I did not know what it had been. I only felt I have no energy in me. I was trying to move but failed. I could only open my eyes: overwhelming pressure burdened my body, as if each part of my body was tied up. Breathing was the only action I had no difficulty with. As the TV set was standing in front of our bed, with a digital clock on top, I could see the it quite clearly: it was 23 hours 12 minutes then. What happened to me?

I was trying to move my fingers – in vain. Then my toes. No success either. I was getting desperate as my brains were working perfectly. I had to think over what to do. I was trying to calm down, but did not manage to. And I had no idea of what to do next. Maybe my wife can help me. If only she would wake up, and move me… then I could get out of this strange, stiffened condition. I was listening. Melitta’s smooth wheezing meant she was sleeping peacefully, so I could not rely upon her help.

The clock showed 23 hours 29 minutes. And this was the moment when an incomprehensible thing happened that I had never experienced before. A light of blinding blue colour shaped like a ball appeared in the bedroom approximately 1.5 metres from my head, and I could hear a voice saying: „Believe me!”

I was astonished to hear this, yet made an attempt at saying something, to ask it a question: Who are you? But I could not move my lips. I asked the question in myself, and in a peculiar way I received an answer: „I am your God, your Creator.”

Despite my intense torments I could think quite clearly, and thus asked it further questions:

– What do you want from me?

And the voice spoke to me.

– You are the one I shall illuminate now and teach to promote the cause of mankind.

– But why me?

– Your selection started in your childhood. I have been watching and protecting you so that you would have enough energy and love to teach people when your time has come. To teach them to love and respect one another, because this is how they can prevent the destruction of life on earth. Their will need to be re-oriented into the right direction, so that all difficulties vanish on this wonderful planet.

This short discourse went on without saying a word, through my brains, thanks to telepathy, in a way which is indecipherable for me. What is happening to me? I did not even suspect that it was only the beginning. All of a sudden I started to elevate from my bed with unbelievable easiness, as if there was no gravitational force. I looked at my bed surprised, and I saw my rigid body there lying with opened eyes. The next instant I was already otuside the walls and flew above the houses with a speed human brains can hardly grasp. I saw jet fighters which flew with a speed of a snail compared to mine. I was escorted by a brigh light which surrounded me – the one I had seen in my room. It was like a sun disc empty inside, bright on the outside. Interestingly enough I felt no cold and was not frightened by the huge distance which separated me from the planet Earth. I felt safe.

Then it flashed through my mind I had seen myself in the bed, or more precisely my body. But how is it possible if I am up here and getting farther and farther away from Earth? I asked Him.

– Your soul is able to fly through space and time – this was his answer. – But do not deal with it now, you shall understand everything from my teachings!

Then I was watching the planets getting farther and farther from me. When we arrived somewhere, maybe the border of the universe, if there is such a thing, the Lord spoke to me.

– Watch and learn! I am showing to you the decline of life on earth.

– Why? What kind of danger is threatening our lives?

– It is people. Yes, indeed. Human beings shall destroy themselves as well as their environment.

Then I started rushing back with a mind-boggling speed. Soon I saw Earth, with details of its surface, as if I had seen it via a good telescope. I saw the illuminated cities, large shining surfaces of water, hills and forests. It was beautiful and mystic. At that moment everything got clear. And the Sun lit the Earth with thousands of rays. I was floating above my wider home, Europe. And the Lord started teaching me.

– The history of mankind is longer than science claims today, yet it has reached a phase now where from there is no way back. Development accelerated in the 18th and 19th centuries. Inventors, engineers have developed a wide variety of machinery, equipment and machines, without dealing with their consequences. In the hope of a quick enrichment, they forgot about all delimitations, and from the early 20th century on the large-scale mining, the extraction and burning of energy resources was going on. Due to this the flora of Earth and the quality of the air was changed. Rich countries were driven by the greed for power, which resulted in the overwhelming waste of raw materials, with a damaging effect on the environment which is beyond imagination. In the fever of the technical development they forgot they have a god, who constituted certain rules necessary for a peaceful coexistence. Many people broke these laws, and have started destroying and are still destroying their fellows and their environment. As people can decide for themselves whether they do good or evil, and this is why I refrained from intervention. Yet human selfishness and hatred got the upper hand to such extent that two horrible world wars broke out one in quick succession, causing sufferings and poverty. In the years of uncertainty they asked for my help many times, and took an oath on anything sacred: My Lord, please help me now, and I shall never sin once again!

After the years of sufferings some people slowly, others more quickly forgot the oaths they made to me. I hoped they would obey to my basic teachings at least, but they did not. However, they cannot live happily without understanding and forgiving. I created people to be equal. Although the varieties of complexions, religions, races, cultures make them different, it does not mean anyone is subordinated to someone else. The same holds true of the flora and the fauna. I placed plants and animals in their hands so that they can economize on them, as none can live without the other. And many people did not appreciate them either. They sacrifice everything for earthly delights, though it is the destruction of their own lives at the same time. The pollution and the transformation of the environment is now on a grand scale and it means it will be impossible to live on this planet in the near future. I have drawn attention to this greedy, irresponsible and self-destroying way of life via chosen scientists on several occasions, but I see the way of thinking and forgetting God is not yet overcome by the common wish to survive. More often than not I can hear: we only live once, and I do not care whatever comes after it. Even if they do not care for themselves they should take care of their children, their grandchildren, the descendents of those unborn yet. The most urgent task is to purify the air and the soil, which is the primary guarantee for survival.

The harmful rays of sun reach the Earth, which results in enormous changes within short notice. Unforeseen mutations will appear in the flora, the fauna and among human beings as well. The whole natural world will suffer and receive serious injuries. Plants slowly dry out, or undergo changes that make them unsuitable for consuming. The worsening lack of nutrition in the animal kingdom is accompanied by organic diseases such as blindness, cancer, poisoning, mass death, spreading epidemics. This way the food chain vital for mankind is broken, they shall have no food to feed on. Starvation, illnesses ravage, and on top of all, they are going to kill one another.

I have the mission for you to tell people all about it, describe it for them and get them to think about it. What is all the treasure of Earth for, if they cannot enjoy them, and they do not live in the spirit of bliss? Those who do believe me and follow my teachings, shall be blessed on this Earth and in the othere world as well. I am taking You with me into the future, so that you can see and tell them about it.

After his utterance seasons came, changing in quick succession. The weather became hot, everything was burning with theat, then all of a sudden there were horrible storms of destructive forces. People on Earth at present have never experienced such extreme weather. Years have passed in a rush, and then time stopped. I saw strange people in an extraordinary environment. Everyone was wearing dark glasses – people were clad in white, silverish clothes totally covering their body. They were moving slowly, but most of them took shelter in the shadow if they could. I asked Him about it.

– What should it mean?

– Many of them did not take care, because of the harmful rays their eyes were damaged, and suffer from cancer of the skin. These clothes protect them to some extent.

As I was looking at the houses, I realized each window was wrapped in foil reflecting light. The spectacle had the effect as if it was an image with a certain meaning: the painter wanted to represent the blindness of humanity. The majority of trees and bushes dried out, pushing upwards like halotti wooden headboards on tombs. I saw not a single patch of green, only some rare, faded yellowish leaves, scattered here and there. There was no vegetation on the dried out salty fields, it was a wasteland with a bleak impression. I could only discover a few plants in the flood plains of rivers.

The traces of the sudden storms were obvious everywhere. On the plains erosion left huge scars on the surface ot the soil. The trees of forests broken into two stood in rows like lifeless poles stabbed into the earth with burnt ends.

– What do they feed on? – I asked the Lord.

– They have built huge underground systems, and grow plants and animals with artificial light.

– Where do they get the energy from which is necessary for doing this?

– They have found a technical solution for trapping lightning, and as storms are quite frequent, they have enough energy. Of course the vegetables produced like this have a different taste than those receiving natural sunshine, and the same holds true of animals grown here with the ones living on the surface of Earth.

– How can they live like this?

– It is not what I wanted. People have turned away from me. They were only after delights, exploited Earth without thinking of tomorrow. This may turn even worse. Do you want to go further on in time and see the worst phases of life on Earth?

– Yes. I would like to see it.

Years merged with one another, and I could not make distinction between the seasons any more. Everything has fused into one vision. And then time stopped.

– I cannot see anything.

– Because everyone who survived so far has fled undergrond. Genetic problems, which spread with a variety of diseases have become obstacles for generation. Those few still alive can produce children even though with genetic disorders. They have returned to me, and are trying to settle for life so that they can live on the surface of Earth once again in a few thousand years’ time.

– How could this whole scenario be avoided?

– This is your task. Get people to understand that only solidarity for the good cases and the love for one another can save them.

From some distance I could see the enormous changes on the mainland. The outlines of the continents were radically re-drawn.

– Why is it so?

– As the atmosphere has warmed up because of the quantity of pollution, the vast ice sheet created by thousand years started to melt. This in turn resulted in the rise of the sea-level. The increasing heat produced the increase of evaporation, with more water of the oceans going into the atmosphere. The thick layer of clouds stop the heat moving upward, which in turn accelerates the warming process. Territories under the so-called sub-sea-level region have all been flooded, water occupied vast areas. This is why the size and contours of continents have changed. People’s niches have narrowed down, and it is more and more difficult for them to live.

After I heard this, time started to rewind, and I found myself in the year 1994. I understood that the soul can get to any place from anywhere within the dimension of time with the speed of thought. I was floating above Europe once more and saw the lights of cities like embers. A choking feeling overcame me: we may destroy this wonderful land very soon. Something must be done to stop this procedure! The Omnipotent only had this answer to my thoughts:

– I am giving you this opportunity. Teach people the faith in God, teach them to love, and awake in them the wish for a happy future. This is the only way you can avoid the vision you have just seen.

– Where shall I have the power for this from?

– Have faith and trust me. I shall visit you soon and shall guide you. I shall tell you what to do.

On hearing these words the light surrounding me started moving toward the Earth with me at a great speed. Within a fragment of a minute I got to our house and was within the walls again. Back in my bed I saw myself again: my body was lying without making a motion. The strong light let me go all of a sudden. I was just lying there with the bright globe in front of me.

In a minute the numbness which tied up my body ceased all of a sudden, and I could move again. The light globe was floating above me as if showing its realistic entity. And the voice said:

– What you have seen and heard was not a dream.

The light went out, and darkness enveloped the room. I could only see the face of the clock: it was 23 hours 30 minutes then. All this revelation took only one earthly minute, even though it felt like an eternity.

I concentrated on my wife’s smooth breathing with the ever-growing conviction in me: this cannot have been a dream, as there are no such dreams. I am fully awake, my thoughts are clear, and I can remember exactly whatever happened to me. I thought over the whole of the prophecy until it was quite clear for me: I have a mission to fulfil.

Then I had to think: Who shall believe me when I am telling about all this? They might think I have gone mad. If I share it with lots of people believing there will be some who understand I may end up in a mental hospital.

I got up tired in the morning, yet I felt overjoyed. Melitta was waking up with me. After greeting each other with a kiss, we went out into the kitchen together, and sat down to have breakfast. I wanted to tell her about my nightly revelation, but did not dare. And I was not sure of myself. Should I have heard something like this before, I would have laughed at it or thought the guy was a madman. It took me a whole year to have enough strength of mind to share my secret with my wife.



Esti Hírlap – a daily paper published in the evening – included the following article on September 1st, 1969.

Outside Lepsény Béla Takács a driver aged 35 was overtaking irregularly and crashed with another car, driven by Ferenc Szira aged 40. Szira and his 33 year old wife have died on the spot, whilst their sons aged 14 and 18 and Mrs. Gulyás Béláné shop assistant aged 18 as well as Béla Takács suffered minor injuries. The police are taking charge against Takács.

At the age of 15 I wanted to look right in the eyes of the man who ruined my family. I even found the address Takács had then in some old documents of the court of justice. I set out to find it, but there were new residents already. After spending his sentence Takács moved somewhere else. As the tenants told me he was to be in prison for four years, but he only spent two years there and then the rest in hospital. I did not understand why. What kind of illness could he have that they allowed him to stay there this long? I went to the address the tenants gave me, but could not locate Takács there either. My emotions and intentions cooled down fairly soon, and stopped my private investigation.

After the final exams I applied for three colleges. I was admitted to all of them, but I was a kind of easy-go-lucky guy then, and did not attend any. My auntie was desperate, begging me and disapproving of my behaviour, but I only told her I would go on studying the following year. I did not mention it to anyone, but I knew then: I would desert the country illegally. To not hang around home idly, I went for a massage training course. No one would have known then it was one of the wisest decisions I had ever made in my life. And I took advantage of it later on. It was much to my benefit. Going on with my studies became an issue again, I would have been admitted to the Agrarian College in Eger, but I did not go there either. I had a temporary job in Vácszentlászló, at the local agrarian cooperation: I worked in animal husbandry, but it would be more precise to say I was bored.

In February 1980 we sold the house at Lake Balaton, and shared the money with my brother. I changed the small Polski Fiat for a Lada 1300 and joined the Motorcar Club. I was waiting for the best time to leave the country. I planned everything well in advance, aunt Julis (I mentioned her earlier as an acquaintance of mine from Munnich) took my money to Germany, so as to make it easier for me to get acclimatised. I did not have a bad life in Hungary though, and have been able to acquire whatever I needed – did some sports, horse-riding, courted girls. Yet I had to go. The unknown was awaiting, I wanted to see the western world. Of course I could not reconcile with the political system, which was a major cause for my deserting the country.

The Club offered me the chance: I could join them for a five-day trip to visit Prague and Munnich. I had to get permission from my workplace and the army as well. Everything went without a hatch, no one suspected what I was going to do, including my stepparents. I was very conscious when packing my clothes, preparing myself for the future, yet avoiding each item which could raise suspicion.

Our caravan left Hungary on the 29th of August 1980. It contained at least 30 cars. We spent two days in Prague, where built-in spies were watching us whether they witness anything suspicious in our behaviour that could prove we did not want to return home. We were careful, as those who lived in the Eastern political block back in those days were naturally watchful and shrewd like a fox. According to our itinerary we should have crossed the border of the German Federal Republic at midnight September 1st. I was driving across the „iron curtain” precisely at 24.00 p.m. and had breakfast with aunt Julis in Munnich.

This is how I realized my plan. It was only aunt Julis I had shared my secret with. And she was also a great and efficient helper. She took my money with her at the best time, as well as my documents proving that because of my mother I am of Swabian origin. This made my life a lot easier there. I was learning German at grammar school and practised Goethe’s language a lot when at Lake Balaton. Thus I had no difficulty when having to speak German and I made good and quick progress. In two days’ time I had a job with a hotel as a hotelfachman. I was working there for a fortnight only, and I only mention this because this was the beginning for me there.

My second workplace was a large riding school. I have to mention I had made great frineds with horses in Hungary, and was riding a lot in summer around Lake Balaton. I had no difficulty in keeping the horses clean, saddling, brushing and warming them up. The latter means we have to ride each horse. We also trained and prepared them for shows and sales. There were stables, silos, tracks within the complex, but I was also accommodated there. I spent two months in this riding school.

After this I had the courage to do things on my own. I rented a flat in Garching and commuted to Munnich to work as a masseur. (This is where I could make use of the course I had completed in Hungary.) The next spring I received the certificate valid for Germany and could go to the language schoool of the Goethe Institut. I needed this to have a better German, be more confident with it and it was also a condition I had to meet so as to go on studying. After five months I received the diploma of the school which certifies that I have finished the language school. I have to add I received an honest scholarship while studying there.

Meanwhile I established good connections with Hungarians living there. They had three clubs back in those days. I was glad to take part in their programmes: balls, concerts, lectures etc. This is where I got acquainted with my first wife, Erzsébet Sz. who was from Debrecen, and left Hungary also in 1980. In six months’ time we got married and moved to Nuremberg. She was an optician, and had a job with the optical centre of Quelle, whilst I went on working as a masseur.

In the summer of 1982 I travelled to Greece with my wife and aunt Julis. We went by car as far as Rimini, there we took the ferry. When leaving, the Adriatic Sea was calm, later on it started to have huge waves. I have to admit it was a torture for my stomach. This is the reason why I have no nice memories of my first voyage. We arrived at Patras at last and followed our journey towards Athens. The beauties of the Greek landscape fascinated me and I was excited to see the other attractions being also curious whether I shall face my revelations, as it had often happened before.

When we reached the Corinthean Channel there was a huge ship pressing herself through it almost scraping the limestone cliffs. Then we had a walk in Athens zigzagging maze of streets, which was getting even more exciting when we were trying to find our way to Piraeus, the port. Until then I had thought the West is advanced, and people there have high standards of living everywhere. Here I had to realize some parts of the antique Greek capital are as much run-down as some inner districts of Budapest.

The island of Ejina was our destination. We got there after a three-hour voyage. Aunt Julis had an acquaintance there. The island was a miracle with lots of ruinous antique tmeples, which I found astonishingly familiar. In front of one of them I stood on the stairs of the Corinthian colonnade and recited one of my favourite poems, just as I had done in my revelation.

This was the first occasion when I understood the reason of the existence of mankind. When walking among ruins 3-4 thousand years old, I could not help wondering: what is important for me? And I realized it is not primarily our life – but the fact how much good we do and what we create for eternity. It is a sad reality that those people who massacred and gained wealth and power have their names written in the book of history. It is less about those who have served humanity and live a life favoured by God. I love sitting among such ruins and contemplate, as these sites tend to have highly concentrated energies. I am sure this is the very reason why they built churches and temples in these locations.

I had yet another extraordinary experience during this holiday: I first met some jellyfish. There was a lovely cove near our house the water of which was almost invisible because of the mass of jellyfish. No one warned me that it is not advised to go in there then. After breakfast I rushed down to the beach and jumped into the water to have a swim. After the first strokes I had an awful ache all over my skin. I panicked, and swam ashore as soon as I could. I examined myself throroughly: my body was covered with lots of red stripes, and I had a burning sensation, as if I had just been whipped. Fortunately our host had an ointment for that. I suffered for half a day even so when my suffering lessened. I am only telling you about it to show I am as an ordinary human being as anyone else. And as it appears I had not received any instruction against jellyfish.

We liked travelling all over Germany. The next year we went for an excursion and visited a small town called Bamberg. This is an ancient settlement, with lots of early-medieval buildings, a wonderful cathedral, and an atmosphere which makes us believe we are back in the past. In a few days’ time it was Easter and according to local tradition they decorated the hedges, trees and fences with eggs. It is difficult to imagine this colourful spectacle, it was both interesting and beautiful. We were looking around, could not get enough of the view. After a long walk we felt starved and thirsty, so we asked the local people where we could eat and drink something fine. They recommended Sclengele, a tiny restaurant in the street below the cathedral. We ordered some meal and two beers. The latter was brought out for us immediately, when we felt the smell of smoke around us. We thought they were grilling something. I started drinking my beer, and after the first gulp I realized the beer had this taste. I have tried several beers since then, but none was so tasteful as that smoked one.

What should I say about my marriage? I actually married Erzsi because her application for the status of a political refugee was turned down twice, and she was threatened with being passed as a vagrant to her domicile. In Hungary they would have imprisoned her. I received the German citizenship in autumn 1981, and consequently she was given the residence permit. I did not expect much from this marriage, as I was rather too young. She was past thirty, wanted to have children, whereas I did not want to start a family yet. I wanted to divorce from her, which she did not want to, thus this unpleasant procedure went on for a long time.

After 1985 I started travelling to Hungary on a regular base as a protected German citizen.

Erlangen is situated next to Nuremberg. I worked there in a night club massaging the girls they employed. After a few occasions I found myself in a strange situation: I became the confidant of the girls unavoidably. I had known about tragic and astonishing human fates. It is amazing what people do in order to survive! Some of them were mothers, I knew university students, beaten lovers, lesbian etc. Among them. They had enough bad and evil in their lives, yet some of them were regular church-goers, and hoped for a better life. One day when massaging one of the girls there I had a strange experience: extraordinary thoughts and images appeared in my mind. I told the girl that something good would happen to her. She will get free from this world and live a peaceful life as a happy wife and mother. It was the best time to tell her things like this as she was so desperate that she had planned to commit suicide. Seven years later I met her in the pedestrian area of Nuremberg. She greeted me, and it took me a long time to realize who she was as she had changed so much. She told me what had happened to her in the past few years, which was exactly what I had predicted. She got acquainted with a man in Mallorca and started a new life with him on that island. They opened a restaurant, business flourished, and then purchased a house where they lived with two beautiful sons. I wish to believe that via me God gave her - the girl living in filth a chance to mend her ways.

I also worked in a sauna: its owner was that of the soccer team in Nuremnberg. After trainings members of the team often came to me for a massage, and as they were in the first league of the championship, there were quite a few celebrities among them. I was getting acquainted with high society: sportsman contracted with Adidas and Puma, actors and singers found refreshment with me. This is how I got to know Falco, the Austrian singer. When massaging him a dark shadow passed before my spiritual eyes. (This bad feeling often repeated itself with other clients of mine.) I told him about it, also warning him that this would mean something really bad. Either him or a close relative of his shall have a fatal accident. Falco died in a car crash very soon.

After spending seven years in Nuremberg, I had a period of adventures. I found a job with a travelling company operating the Robinson Clubhotels’ chain. This way I travelled all over Europe and North Africa as well. I was both a masseur and an animator. The days passed happily – entertaining was also part of my job besides kneading bodies. I even played in a musical. Some of the places I visited include Crete, Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Tunesia. I was living this type of wandering life for three years.

In the summer of 1988 I was working on Crete as a masseur. It is the most beautiful of all the islands I have seen. In my spare time I rented a motorbike and visited all the ruins – ancient towns and settlements. On one such occasion I was just overtaking a bus when the rear wheel of my bike got stuck and blocked. It happened right next to the driver’s cabin at a speed of 140 km/h. Besides another vehicle appeared coming in the opposite direction, with others following it. I only had about 1.5 m distance between the moving vehicles. In this moment my mind opened, and I suddenly remembered a vision I saw a few days earlier: I experienced the very same situation. I was trying to do the same: keep my bike straight and wave to the driver to slow down and let me in before him. In case he does not do it, I might fall under the bus if I fall off. The driver understood my intentions, just like he had in my vision, and was breaking for a long distance, this way I could slip to the edge of the road with my blocked, standing rear wheel which had already been smoking.

I thanked the driver for it with a wave of my hand, and when there was nobody in sight on the road, I had a look at the trace of the brake of the rear wheel. There was a 200 metres long stripe it had left on the asphalt. With my legs trembling I thanked the Lord for predicting this to me in my vision.

Another case. I decided to go to the highest mountain of Crete with bike. I had an excellent, detailed map which showed me everything precisely, including the surroundings of my destination. Or I had thought so. I got to the skilift (there is such a thing in Crete) where I decided to go down on another route, leading to the road running at the foot of the hill. He first 5-6 kilometres was a regular mountain serpentine road – it was obvious it is frequently used –then all of a sudden it ceased to exist, even though it was signed on the map. Below, at a distance of about 3 air kilometres I saw the main road, but no road lead to that section. Then irealized I had already dreamt this situation, and managed to get to the road down there.

This hillside was very dangerous, rocky and steep – not an easy terrain even on foot, not to speak of going by bike. I tried it, however, as I trusted the prediction I had about it. No doubt it was a neck-breaking action. Sometimes I had to hop, skip and jump from one rock to the other, as the difference in altitude was more than a meter, whilst there was a devilishly steep hillside on the other side. I shall not go into details about it now. At last I managed to get down, but there is no one living on Earth for whose sake I would repeat this crazy adventure. By the evening I had such a bad strain in my legs that I could hardly walk. My ache did not cease for a week.

The hotel of the Robinson Club was between Sausse and Monastir in Tunesia. We were sent there for three weeks, to get to know the life of the club and get prepared for the programmes. It was hard work, but our spirits were high. Yet I found the time for visiting the nearby towns and go down the bazaar where an instructive but charming story took place.

In one of the shops I spotted a silver ring which I had been longing for a long time. Its design and its motifs were just to my taste. The shop assistant warmly welcomed me, offering a cup of tea too, which was the prelude to dealing with business. As the price was not written anywhere, I asked for it. The shop assistant said 17 dinars. I calculated it in German marks, and found out it is too expensive. So I started bargaining. I could get it as low as 12 dinars, but the Arabian merchant would not go any further. Then I was trying to leave, but he did not react. So I stood up and actually left the shop. I had hardly made ten steps, he rushed after me with the ring. Now he only wanted 7 dinars for it which I found reasonable, and I stroke the deal with him. I was proud of myself, pleased at my good bargaining technique.

In the hotel I showed the ring to a Tunisian man and asked him how much it was worth in his opinion. Without thinking he answered no more than 3 dinars. When I told him how much I had paid for it, he smiled widely but did not say a word.

The Robinson Club organized a whole-day excursion into the salt desert. When we arrived there I wondered there were people living even at such a desolate location. They must have suffered from the lack of fresh water. I asked our guide: how do they get washed and how do they live here? He had a short answer. Getting washed is a luxury. And they live together with the animals. I was shocked to hear it. In Europe not even the poorest people live in such poverty among such circumstances. I realized mankind must have made a big mistake.

We were trying to relax and have a snack in a wadi (a dried out riverbed). It was difficult, as there was a wind blowing: it took up the sand and sprinkled it onto us. causing aches all over our body like needles. We were taking care, but also our food was full of sand, and our teeth mad funny noises when eating. Most of us had a rumbling stomach, we were exhausted and in a bad mood when returning to the hotel.

I do not want ever to go back to such a place. It is not for me.

I spent the summer of 1989 and 1990 in Mallorca, working. I would like to describe two of the numerous attractions and sights there. In the first year I spent almost each free day taking excursions by car. One day I was driving in the western mountains arriving at a monastery called Lluk. The building was right in the centre of a valley, surrounded by beautiful mountains and well-groomed plantations with fruit trees. I was a bit tired because of the long drive and the heat. I stopped at an olive grove got out of my car and went to sleep. I had a vision there related to the way back. I saw in advance that I would be travelling at a bottleneck: the road narrowed down, there was a tourist bus in front of me, we were slowly climbing up on the pass, when an old truck came along with a cargo. The barrels it was transporting were poorly tied, one of them – about 200 litre one – fell right in front of the bus. The driver grasped the steering wheel, the heavy barrel hardly touched the side of the bus, but was rolling toward my car as I was behind. On one side there is a rock wall, on the other a huga gap, at least 250 metres, thus it cannot be avoided. In my vision I turned my car (a small Citroën) right across the road, and I jumped out of it. The barrel hit the door and broke it in, then sat up on the first two seats of the car like an unwelcome guest. Its contents – olive oil – splashed over everything.

I woke up with a start then, but as I could only remember some vague details of the vision I saw in my dream, I did not attach any significance to it.

On the way home – that is the hotel, to be more precise – I did indeed catch up with a tourist bus on the pass. I could not overtake it, and had to follow it real slow. And within a few minutes I experienced what I had seen in my vision a couple of hours earlier. I did the same, as there was nothing else to do. And I escaped and survived without a scrape.

I could get to the nearest filling station with the damaged car. I phoned the car rent company from there. The breakdown truck arrived in two hours’ time, taking away the car and me. Fortunately there was a full casco insurance for the budget car, thus no one had to pay for the damage – neither me nor the driver who caused the accident.

My next experience was at the R. C. Hotel. On a bright summer day I was massaging someone, when there was a hurried knock at the door and an excited guest entered the room. He wanted me to hurry up as there was an unconscious child on the beach who had just been pulled out of the water. As I am also a skilled first-aid person I stopped massaging and rushed to the beach about 50 metres away. Meanwhile I asked my guest to hurry to the receptionist and call for an ambulance immediately.

The child was lying there without moving. Her mother was hysterically running about her. The first question I asked her was: when did it happen? A more sober-minded guest said about five minutes earlier. Which is the critical time: someone might be returned into life safe and sound yet.

With intensity and without hesitation I started resuscitation trusting in what I had been instructed to do and having faith in God. I made a number of attempts, and it seemed impossible to succeed. However, it did happen! She regained consciousness. There was sand all over her blond hair. I asked for some fresh water to wash it out. The mother was out of her mind with happiness.

Some 15 minutes later the ambulance arrived. The doctor stabilized the heart the blood circulation with an injection, and then she was taken to the nearest hospital for observation. People at the hotel talked about it for hours: they praised me and tapped my shoulder. It was a strange feeling, I did not know how to deal with it.

Two days later the girl and her mother visited me bringing along a huge basket of presents. This is how they expresset their gratitude. Yet I found it more affectionate that the girl stuck to me: she did not want to leave. And it went on like this till the end of their holiday. I am deeply moved even now whenever I think of her.

The years of wandering came to a finish at last. I moved back to Germany: this time settling in Bayreuth, the birthplace of Wagner, which has also significance for Hungarian culture: Ferenc Liszt died there. I started working as a masseur, then founded a firm of my own. By then the situation in Hungary was consolidated, the political and economc conditions had improved so I set up an Ltd. in Budapest.


The Second Revelation

On 27th April 1994 we went to bed with my wife, Melitta rather early and exhausted. We spent all day arranging her paintings as she had an exhibition opened in Budapest the next day. I fell asleep – deep and dreamless. At 1 hour 3 minutes I was woken up by the jingling of tiny bells. Just as I came aware of it, which only took the fragment of a second, I saw the same, bright and blue light that had appeared the previous occasion. It was interesting for me that now I could move my body unlike the first time.

The light was floating in front of me, but nothing else happened. There was silence in the room. I was not frightened as I was sure it was the creator visiting me again. After a while I asked Him:

– What do you want from me now?

The answer came as a question:

– Do you want to know the near future when people shall destroy one another?

– Why? – I passed back the question. – Is there yet an alternative future for people than destroying their life niche and thus cease to exist?

– Yes, there is! And that is the worst thing they could do. They are starting a war and shall kill one another. This way they accelerate the process and the destruction of the remnants of their present-day lives shall perish even quicker.

– You mean we can choose between the bad and the worse?

– No, there is a way out yet. Peple only need to unite. My warnings must find their way to their hearts.

– If you think I am worthy of it please do tell me. And I shall do everything so that your teachings will reach the people.

And then the bright circle enveloped me, just as it did the previous time. It took me up to the border of the earthly atmosphere throughout the walls and started its prophecy.

– The year 1994 was the last one when there was at least partial peace on Earth. The world powers take serious efforts to keep up the pretension of the process for peace, which started only four years earlier. It is only eyewash. Their actions are driven by the lust for power, they want to control. There are very few of the responsible politicians who are for peace indeed. In some cases of economic crisis it seems a good idea to get countries of the third world fly at one another. Arms are needed for wars waged here and there, yielding fabulous profits for the advanced. Massacres and manslaughter on other continents do not affect the manufacturers of arms. And they are not interested in anything but profit, even though they should know the peace and quite of their own countries is also fragile. Those who kill with a sword shall die by a sword too. The characteristic of the war is that sooner or later they get to those responsible for them. Now we are living in the age of the birth of extreme trends and tensions. Thus will break through the surface with enormous power between people, countries and religions.

Only a few of them respect the basic human rights and call for me when they do not know how to go on. I have provided them with the basic laws and if the governments obeyed to them everyone could live in peace, happiness and safety. The majority, either independent individuals, or groups, governments, make their own laws, according to their own interests, without regard to the ones I had constituted myself. Everybody and each nation should be given the chance to choose the good option, and not to be forced to accept the false ideals of a few privileged statesman. I am God on Earth, and I know best what they should do and what is appropriate!

God was silent for a short time and then added:

– Keep in mind everything what I am showing to you now.

I was quickly approaching Earth, then I saw landscapes and villages passing below me. I positioned myself above a city and I saw there are massive crowds marching in the streets protesting against something. When I was near them I recognized Moscow because of the monumental buildings. There were arms rattling, and fires were lit everywhere. People fled crying, maddening, most of them trying to find a safe, sheltered place. Time flew rapidly. I experienced these visions within a few minutes. Soon everything calmed down – there was silence and the city seemed peaceful again.

Some seconds later I found myself at another location, but I did not recognize immediately where. It took me some time to identify the mountains reaching to the skies, the deep and steep valleys. As if I had already travelled there. I was at the top of the world. In Nepal. The roads were busy with military vehicles as if the country only had soldiers as its citizens. I flew over a huge temple where priests in ochre monk’s habit prayed. It was interesting for me that I understood their speech even though I had not known a single word of their language. They called for God, evoked him, asking him to enlighten them and help their suffering people.

Soon after I was floating above an enormous expanse of water. Is it one of the oceans? The waves rolled on with slow monotony toward the edge of the horizon, as if our planet was a flat disk, and the mass of water would plunge down at its end. The shores of Africa appear on the horizon, then I saw it like a full panorama: I could view the black continent from the Mediterranean Sea to the tip of Southern Africa. In the heart of the mainland masses of people were fleeing from the massacring, murderous soldiers. Slaughtered, mutilated bodies were scattered on the ground all over the savannas. The prayers of innocent children and their scream of death reached me. It was horrible. I could not think of anything else but the question. How could this horror happen? The answer was self-evident: the majority of people lost their faith, thus the order of values got overturned, they tend to do evil deeds. Barbarian instincts overcome sober human mind. I flew over Africa with the speed of thought and Europe opened up before me once again.

Wars were still going on in the Balkan peninsula, and religions clashed and rivalled with one another. I did not believe my eyes: I had to see such brutal deeds. Towns and villages ruined by weapons, streets becoming desolate, villages uninhabited. The scene of the filthiest wars in the last decade of the 20th century. The stupidity and narrow-mindedness of the superpowers is illustrated by the fact that after the two world wars they created countries which did not meet the criteria for peaceful coexistence even back in those years. They could only be sustained artificially, via dictatorship, but the diversity of peoples and cultures has brought lots of issues suppressed to the surface by now. There was silence, but I could feel it is the one preceding a storm.

Soon I looked at Moscow again. There were masses of people marching in the streets and on the roads now, but everyone was clad in black and mourning following a coffin. The Lord said:

– This is where they are burying the peace of the future.

Then further images started to show up before my eyes. In a few years’ time there were again huge masses in the streets. I realized they were viewing a military parade. The soldiers taking part in it suggested self-confidence, strength and power. The illustrious individuals on the tribune had a facial expression of pride and lust for power. They wish to be a military empire once again. The majority of international relations have frozen over. The new government knew no limits, there was a pro-military dictatorship forming. In the member states of the former Soviet patriots and pro-Russian supporters waged wars against one another. The third world war has started.

– In several parts of the world nationalists tried to get to power, whilst the army also want to strengthen and consolidate their position. There are dictatorships born in many states again. Moscow breaks all international contracts and makes economic and military allies with a former member state of Yugoslavia. This results in the continuation of the horrible massacre.

This way war spreads like a bush fire and at this stage cannot be stopped by any means. Some economic and military blocks cease to exist, contradictions and tensions surface again. Russians are provoked, and start wars in all directions, yet also want to occupy new regions and thus employ enormous powers. Minor nations surrender to the overwhelming powers if they do not want to vanish. From the eastern part of Europe a danger approaches similar to a giant bushfire leaving the black ruins of villages and towns behind. The West awaits, trying to play out the struggling partners against one another, whereas they are also preparing themselves for a military attack. In the East lots of people flee from the approaching Russian troops, but they only get as far as the „great” frontier. There is no way further on for them. Soldiers in quantities never seen before stand up against one another on the Russian–Chinese border. But they are only standing yet.

I flew to another continent then, both in time and space, yet a similar spectacle awaited me there. Conflicts suppressed so far have exploded like dormant volcanoes with destructive powers. The manufacturing of arms started with full swing in the developed industrial countries providing work for masses of people. They had no real idea of the dangers of the war going on far away from them and hardly expected it would ever reach them. Politicians, heads of states have tried to influence citizens with convincing propaganda, military show. – We are able to defend ourselves against anything efficiently! They did not say a word about the price they would have to pay for it.

Leaders of the major religions of the world expressed their conterarguments much too quietly. It also occurred that they consecration the arms asking God to help their destruction.

The radiating globe took me further on in time and I could witness the most critical phase of the war. The enemies have employed all their arsenals and made use of their utter military means for the final attack. In that moment the fate of Earth depended on a few people and thus the situation turned really desperate – it had never ever have a precedence all through the history of mankind. And the murderers lacked all human feelings when making the very last step.

Missiles appeared in the distance and passed me by with a whizz, almost scraping the bright globe in which I was floating there and drawing white stripes of con-trails behind them. The massive groups of rising missiles appeared at other points of the planet Earth too. The air was crowded with nuclear-headed missiles of silvery shine, crossing one another in zigzags. As if I witnessed an unimaginable air parade in space.

I got frightened and asked the Lord:

– I wish there was a rip of the film, just like in the movies. Is it possible?

– Trust me and have faith. You can only open up people’s eyes after you have seen everything already.

The rockets have reached their targets.

And then there re was silence on Earth…

It felt like I was walking in a misty forest after a heavy autumn rain, with mushrooms growing everywhere in sight. Clouds of smoke and dust whirlwinded as far as the sky, creating a curtain between me and the Earth and I could not see through it. No one can imagine the Apocalypse unless he or she has actually experienced it.

The bright globe started to rush into the space with me. The distance grew between me and the blue planet, by now it only looked like a smokey chaos. I reached a vantage point where I could see everything from. There was Earth in front of me – my birthplace. Now only a greyish, swirling globe-like creation. My heart was beating rapidly, ache and pain choked me. It was unbelievable that I witnessed a nuclear war which I was much more afraid of in my childhood than now as an adult. We made ourselves believe that nothing like this will ever happen. Then something dazzling occurred. I am convinced no one has ever seen something like that.

There were tiny points of light separating from the nontransparent chaos. First only a few of them flashed, their number gradually grew, and then they united in a flow or river of light. I did not know how to interpret this phenomenon, so I asked the Lord. The answer he gave me was astonishing.

– They are the souls. But do not think of human souls exclusively. They are of all living creatures. The soul has nothing to do with the greatness of the mind. People have tried to monopolize it only for themselves, but I gave each single creature a soul when creating them.

– So there is the soul and there is indeed life after death?

– Yes, there is, and this is what You can see with your own eyes. Tell people about this new recognition of yours. I hope many of them will believe that it is worth living a life pleasing God in their short period on Earth as there is indeed a better life awaiting them after death.

– What will happen to the sinners?

– When they die, their soul will also die with them. There is no eternity for such beings. This is the punishment for breaking my laws.

By the time he uttered these last words, the flow of light ran dry. Darkness ruled on Earth, and no ray of the sun could penetrate the dense cloud of smoke and dust.

– Are there survivors, my Lord?

– Very few of them. They only live for a short time, as diseases, starvation and hatred against one another will soon decimate them.

– May I see what is left of the planet Earth?

The bright globe now penetrated the swirling cloud, and I found myself right above the surface within a few seconds. What I saw then goes far beyond imagination. Wherever I looked there was nothing intact in sight: ruins, traces of decay and destruction everywhere. The images of nightmares we are shown in the movies are nothing compared to the real brutality and nonsense of a genuine nuclear attack. A film director can never produce such a thing, however hard he tries.

– Is it the so-called apocalypse?

– No, because it is only the Earth that has turned partly uninhabited.

– Why did people have to suffer such a meaningless disaster? Why did not you intervene, my lord?

– I shall answer this question of yours in another teaching of mine some time later.

After hearing this I started to elevate and left the mortuary shroud of Earth at a high speed toward infinity. In the Milky Way I reached a solar system resembling ours. I am still silent about what I have seen there as I firmly believe the majority of people is not yet mature and prepared enough for this discovery.

I returned to Earth just as quickly as I got there. I was wondering when noticing that all greyish swirl disappeared from the stratosphere and I had just as a beautiful view of the oceans and the continents as at the time of this revelation. I was back in the year 1994. The globe descended, penetrated the wall above my bed. I saw myself again, with my eyes unbelievably large. My body was waiting for life to move back into it. Just like the first time, my soul had no difficulty in occupying its place in its own body. With these words the Lord said goodbye:

– The power is in you and you only need to discover how to concentrate it on this goal. Like I have already told you, it was not a dream. You did experience it indeed.

On these words the light phenomenon disappeared, and I was left alone with my wife. The time was 1 hour 4 minutes then.

I had plenty of time to think over what I had seen and heard – to evoke and systemize it in myself. I did not feel tired or sleepy at all. I was still pondering over what I had just experienced, when the alarm clock went off at seven. Melitta was waking up slowly. The first thing she asked me was:

– How did you sleep?

I could only answer:

– Quite well.

I could not get the night out of my head when we were making preparations for the exhibition although there was a lot to concentrate on then. I had a big surprise over breakfast. My wife congratulated me on my birthday: I was 33 then. I looked at her puzzled, trying to act as if I had forgotten it so that she would not feel hurt as this was a day of exhibition and she is more sensitive then than usual.

This is the story of my second revelation. How shall I manage to fulfil this task? I did not tell anyone about the first one yet either, thus my soul had to carry on a double burden.


Light Way

In the beginning we imported tires. In 1991 the government hurried to have legal regulations for this activity, so we changed our profile and started a second-hand clothes retail. I have to admit it was hard job but yielded little profit. The market was overstocked. I often stayed in Hungary back in those years, mainly with my brother who lived in Budapest, but also visited my auntie, my stepmother in Vácszentlászló.

In February 1993 I wanted to buy a genuine painting for the birthday of a friend of mine and someone recommended me József Marcali Kiss, the painter from Érd. I went to his place to have a look at his works, and got acquainted with his daughter, Melitta as well. I liked her helpfulness and her character as well, and also felt her charisma. As it turned out she was a painter too – she made aquarelles – and was a teacher at the same time. I asked her for a date right in front of her father, even though I did not know whether she had someone or not. To my luck she was just about to break off with a boyfriend, but I hope this was not the only reason why she said yes. We had our first rendezvous in Café Pierrot in the Castle district of Buda.

It was February 4th and rather too cold. I remember she was wearing a coat which I helped off, and a striped pullover with trousers. She was plain yet attractive. She told me she had just bought a Russian terrier puppy, and this risked our date. After drinking our coffee we had a long walk and a chat. We told lots of things about ourselves which may be regarded a reliable sign of mutual trust. We were so much engaged in it that finally started talking about the social life of ants. The topic was extraordinary, and suggested the chance of continuation which was our mutual desire. Even though I did not buy any painting from her father, I had found the right girl for myself.

We met three weeks later as I had been in Germany for this period. As soon as I got home I visited her. We did not waste time but travelled to Lake Velencei taking along her puppy named Dzsami. It was cold then too with the lake frozen over. We were not cold, though and the three of us had a wonderful excursion.

We did not wait long with the next date: she met me in their house in Érd in a few days’ time. I felt it was the best time for me to pop the question. She looked at me with her eyes wide open, and was so embarrassed that she said yes. I went over to her father straight away to tell him:

– I would like to marry your daughter, but it is all the same what you say to it as she has already said yes.

I went on commuting as I lived in Germany and Hungary alternatively. When summer came, Melinda went to England for five weeks to learn the language or more precisely to practice it because she was already at an intermediate level. She stayed with some relatives, who only spoke to her in English and thus she was forced to answer in English too. On her way back we met at the airport in Munnich. I took her to Bayreuth and showed her my place. Besides many other things, we agreed she would give up teaching partly because the salary was ridiculous, but she also needed more time to deal with painting and master it.

Back in those days we spent much time at Lake Balaton. Her family had a sailing boat there and she was good at yachting. I also quickly got the hang of this sport. It was a wonderful summer, even though I had to go back to Germany.

On Melitta’s nameday (September 15th) we had our engagement in a restaurant named Admirality in Érd with only our closest relatives present of both families. We asked ourselves the question: when and where shall we have the wedding reception and who shall we invite? My folks wanted to have a traditional country wedding with lots of guests in Vácszentlászló. I was very modest with calculating 500 people I should invite. Melitta did not have so many people in mind, but we had to discard the whole idea mainly because of financial reasons. (The costs would have come to approximately 2 million HUFs.)

Then we put our heads together, and asked for an appointment in Bayreuth to the registry office. We changed rings and got married on December 17th with a German registrar present. There were only two witnesses besides the two of us: some German acquaintances. We invited them for a lunch and a dinner respectively.

Our lives did not change much though. Melitta was living with her parents in Érd, and I was commuting: spent some weeks at home, then some abroad. It was far from being perfect, but it was the most practical scenario we could come up with then.

I believe my wife is highly talented and I have seen her talents at the very beginning. I was sure she had to become an independent artist with me. And I still do believe. I have acknowledged and encouraged her, and made my best to provide her with the necessary financial background. I was glad to see and am seeing even now that she keeps on developing. We organize exhibitions for her with her father who is an excellent artist too. We managed to sell paintings by her, and there are also some foreigners among her clients. She is the painter of eternity, and is allied with reality and the unknown. Her desires reflect a human-faced society, the world with the soul of Christ. Her way of artistic expression is a chiselled and crystallized one, yet conveys the allegorical philosophy of creation. She treats the material and the colours masterly. Her English aquarelles are perfectly sophisticated, even though it is a difficult genre: she is to work with the paint on a wet aquarelle paper, which means she only has two hours to finish a composition and the image has to be ready in her mind. The atmosphere of her works is solemn and airy, with lines in motion, moving upward.

Dzsami had grown up since then and has an excellent stance so we started going to dog shows. It has had lots of victories being the champion of champions. I have to mention it took us a lot to do and it was also a very expensive. Dzsami came fifth at a world championship, but I am sure it was a case of injustice. The dog behind us was provoking Dzsami who decided to back out twice which is regarded a serious disobedience.

On Good Friday April 1st 1994 I was staying in Érd. There was no omen that something strange would happen to me resulting in the radical change of my life. I experienced the first revelation as I have described here before. Then came the second one on the 27th of the same month, and the third on June 1st changing my whole view of the world, the order of my preferences, as well as my attitude to the Lord. I had been a believer before, but from that time on I have known, not „only” believed.

In March next year I decided to share my secrets with my wife and her parents, as I had had visions from time to time with intervals. I regard myself basically lucky as they are also believers and open-minded people: they took my visions seriously. We set out together to decipher what this could mean and why it was happening to me. As several months and years passed, the visions I have had proved true one by one. My in-laws advised to contact someone closer to spirituality – maybe this person can give me an explanation to what was happening and provides me with some advice as well. Well then, but who should I turn to? All of a sudden I remembered abbot Asztrik Várszegi: I had intimate and deeply humane relationship with him when at grammar school. Eighteen years had passed since then, but when I called him, he greeted me like this:

– Hi, Zoli!

He remembered me exactly, even though he must have taught several thousand students since then. After being a teacher, he was promoted an arch-abbot, and then he was working on arranging a meeting of the Pope of Rome and the Russian patriarch. He had a lot to do, yet he had time for me too. He received me in his office and I told him everything. He listened to me attentively, and his first questions were like this: Don’t you use drugs? Or drink alcohol? Aren’t you treated in a psychiatric unit? Are you a member of any sect? As my answer was no to all his questions, he suggested I should write down my visions and take this description to him the next time. That’s when I started recording my revelations.

This occurred in the spring of 1995. I wrote about my first three visions and showed them to him. After reading it he said he had nothing to say to this and did not know what the reason was. Why has the Lord chosen me?

It was the previous vision in which the Omnipotent told me I had to go on pilgrimage to Rome for an audience with the Pope and then also to contact all other individuals with an influence on world politics. Father Asztrik said the road I was taking would be long and bitter. It is highly improbable that Pope John Paul II would receive me. And he also said it was unlikely that people would listen to this prophecy as they are introvert and selfish. He warned me not to openly reveal myself as sincerely as I did then to him, and was worried about me: people who had deserted God may ridicule me and think I was a madman.

My revelations suggested a kind of organic unity, each guided me into the future, referring to what would happen in the next decades or even centuries. These were special insights into the future. Yet there was one which appeared different from the others: it had nothing to do with the future of mankind. Quite the contrary: it was a reference to the past. Some people may feel there is a contradiction here, yet I believe I should not treat it as a secret.


People have lived on this planet for a longer time that scientists believe now. They were present 840 000 years before Christ, and constituted a highly developed society. Earth has provided us the conditions for living we needed for well-organized settlements. These people came from another planet which is in the third solar system starting counting from us toward the direction of the Leo constellation. Their colony was destroyed due to a disaster in about 680 000 B.C. Thus they had to return to the planet of their origins.

Then from time to time they revisited Earth but did not settle down here, only watched the changes. In 159,000 B.C. they chose the race that was their closest akin of all earthly creatures. They applied genetic engineering on them continuously so as to change them into intellectual ones. They were the so-called anthropoid apes. They planned to people Earth for purposes of cooperation with them as ideal partners in the future. These experiments went on as far as 32,000 B.C. when it was time to give way to this ape race and replace animal instincts.

This intervention meant a new series of genetic manipulation carried out by a group of theirs settling down on Earth. They are the ones called later on the people of Atlantis. Their fellows frequently visited Earth to provide their workers with the appropriate technology. At about 14, 000 B.C. the prehistoric man reached the level of homo sapiens whom they modified to their own image.

Yet they were in for a spiritual development, which meant the perfecting of the intellectual capacities the application of which is the cooperation between people, and it also helps getting to know living animals and nature.

God then sent the new type of man on the road of development and thus the possibilities of mankind perfected itself. Thus it was people’s task to get to know the world and find the Omnipotent in it. This started in 13,580 B.C.

People have always found God since then, and the communities living close to nature studied their own empirical experiences and preserved their faith. The upturn of social norms, greed, envy, the lust for power, demagogue ideologies, fanatic religions made a distance between God and the masses. This world is false, people have gone astray. A change of the way of life is a must for us in order to be able to find God again. With the new prophet it will be possible after the year 2011.

There were further changes in my life. I felt a sacred obligation to the people living in poverty and insecurity. As an activist I joined the Maltese Society in Germany, later on became a member and deputy manager of their office in Bayreuth. We organized, collected, wrapped and transported everything people needed – and I did anything whatever was necessary. Back in those days we launched aid cargoes mainly to Bosnia and Kosovo. This was the time of intensive search for myself, and my visions meant for me that God had chosen me for a mission. I started studying religions, searching for the issues they have in common. I wanted to visit people chosen for similar tasks and prophecies. I realized there are and have been lots of them throughout the history of mankind from China through the Maya civilization as far as ancient Armenian Christians. This made it clear for me that God had let our hands free but continually provides the chosen ones he finds worthy of it with instructions. My revelations supported what also turned out: the 14 000 years time span science guarantees is too short a period for mankind to acquire such immense knowledge.

On December 30th I acted on the spur of the moment and phoned a German travel agency inquiring about trips to Turkey or Greece. They recommended a very favourable and promising opportunity to Turkey and I immediately made a reservation. We were on the plane on January 20th and flew above the wintertime Hungary and the Balkan peninsula, arriving at the lovely mediterranean Turkish Riviera in two and a half hours. We were to stay there for two weeks in a five-star hotel.

We were extremely curious, as my wife is also open-minded to everything, so we rented a car and visited every attraction within a range of 300 kilometres from our accommodation whatever was worth seeing. A lot earlier I had a vision in which I was walking among the ruins of an unknown Greek town. Subconsciously though, but I was also looking for that. We had already seen everything in the neighbourhood what the guide-books mentioned, but found no trace of the ruins. So we drove at random, and met an old man by chance – of course it was not by accident – and asked him where we could find some other atractions besides the ones we had already visited. He pointed to a location on the map a bit further on, off the beaten track.

Following his instructions we arrived at the foot of a hill from where we could not see anything yet. All the same, we climbed to the top, and there we found what we had been looking for: the ruins of an ancient town of medium size. We had a tour of it, having a look at all its details. Finally we arrived at the colonnaded forum. And this was the sight I had seen before in one of my visions. Each stone lay exactly the way it had there. I felt an unbelivable source of energy was filling me up, as if there was a kind of cosmic power station working on the site. God has proved and assured me again and again that I am able to fulfil the mission he has chosen me for.

After a few days something else happened to us. We were having an excursion when we spotted a faraway castle. We thought this would be worth visiting and set out. Approaching it I first saw undistinctive ruins of a building. Even so it did attract me like a magnet. When I entered the gate (it was just an opening actually, with the gate itself missing), everything appeared familiar. The same as in a vision of mine about the ancient Greek town.

I knew exactly what and where I could find there, how to climb the remnants of the walls and which of the stairs was moving. I could feel there were souls there, guarding the spiritual clarity of the sight. Later on I got to know it was a burial site: one of the most significant Roman emperors, Traian was buried there temporarily.

Then we also had a look at the castle which was another great experience. We found stones belonging to sarcophagus. One must not poke at archeological findings – neither remove them from their site, so we did not touch anything.

This trip meant lots of energy and self-confidence for me. I felt it was a proof I would be able to lead people chosen by the Lord to the right place should they be regarded worth of survival.

In September 2005 we left home on a spur of the moment too. Originally we meant to travel to Crete, but we destined for Egypt at last. Our destination was Sharm ash Shaykhy where there was a terrorist bomb attack two months before so tourists did not crowd there. We travelled there because I was sure nothing wrong would happen to us.

There were very few people in the beautiful hotel. Most of them came from Eastern Europe. I wanted to rent a car to travel round the region, and go as far as the Nile, but because of the explosions they warned us against it: special permits would have been necessary. We had no other choice but take part in organized package tours.

First we went to Mount Moses where the monastery named after Saint Catherine is located. We climbed the hill at dawn to see the sunrise. It was hard to believe how many nations were present there: people from about 30 countries at least, talking a wide variety of languages. And in the midst of some 3000 people crowded together like herrings we were waiting for dawn. A kind of spiritual alliance was born here, without problems of understanding one another. We made ourselves understood by gestures if no other means were left for us. There are no words able to describe the peace radiating in us then. Everyone was happy, and we helped one another whenever we could. I felt the most important morale: if we really wished and wanted, and were able to put aside our selfish interests, we could live in mutual understanding and peace with any nation, all people on Earth.

Going down from there we had to face some difficulties. Some of us slipped on the stoned path, had their ankles sprinkled, but those nearest them helped immediately, and supported them as far as they could go on camel-riding. All in all it was very instructive and a great experience.

Built in the 600s, the monastery named after Saint Catherine was nice and interesting, but its existence depended mainly on tourism. The businesswise attitude has penetrated there too. I experienced things that do not suit the cultic spirit of the shrine, disturbing the overall image of the saint, but it is up to everybody to make his or her own judgment. I have to admit I did not feel God’s presence or energy there, although I have had that experience at several other sights of the world. A thought – maybe doubt – was being born in me, but I should keep it as a secret of mine.

Our second trip took us to Cairo. First we visited the Egyptian Museum, for which we were only allowed two and a half hours. This was only enough for us to have a quick look at everything in a rush, even though we would have needed at least 2 or 3 days for it. I know it is impossible as a programme of a package tour. I would like to draw attention to only one of the breathtaking objects on display there because it had deep impression on me.

My wife was a few metres before me and rushed back to say she had found something interesting I should see and try by all means. I have mentioned several times that I am able to perceive anything related to the soul. This was a kinf of trial and test for me.

We stopped in front of a large erect gate of stone. As Melinda urged me to do so, I passed under it. It was an incredible experience. It could be best described as if I had stepped over from one zone of time into another. Or in a more tangible way: as if I had crossed an invisible yet totally perceptible glass wall and felt all over my body that something no bigger than a few millimetres cuts it across vertically.

– Did you also feel it? – Melinda asked.

– Yes, it is unbelievable!

I had a look at the description of the gate in the booklet, but could not understand a word of it.

I passed under it several times, in both directions, and experienced the same thing each time. It must be the focus of the space, I thought, the „passage of the soul between dimensions”. But how could they realize it back in those days in the ancient Egypt? Or was it a gift from some superior power?

I was occupied with this idea for a long time and we fell behind our group. And I missed many attractions because of this. I shall return there if I have the chance.

The next experience I had was at the great pyramids of Gizah. Those who had never stood at the foot of a pyramid can hardly imagine how monumental they are. How could inhabitants of the Nile Valley erect them over 5000 years ago with their rudimentary tools and means? Experts have not found an answer to this question yet. The tombs of the three pharaohs – Mycerinus, Chephren, Cheops – are three wonders of the world. That of Cheops is made up by 2,340,000 cubic metres of stone. According to many people pyramids are mementos of cults. Either it was God who had created them without any sacrifice, or masses of people had built it with bloodshed and sweat, sacrificing themselves. There is no doubt they are unique. The devotion of the place was unfortunately disturbed by local beggars.

Melitta went into one of the pyramids, I waited for her outside as I knew they only pass a narrow corridor where there is nothing special. Then we went to see the Sphinx. There were even more beggars we could hardly get rid of at the previous site. Returning to the lion-bodied and human-headed creature: this huge sculpture also testifies that people always wanted to create something monumental so as to acquire God’s mercy and grace. However, these trappings are not important for the Lord. This motivation in turn resulted in the spectacular monuments left behind for the next generations.

Right beside the Sphinx are the buildings used for mummification. The atmosphere of the rooms depressed me, except for a corner where we had lot of energy breaking open. I was sure that souls were present there. There had to be a chamber – a burial vault – near here where noteworthy people were buried.

Rapid marriages are said to be doomed for failure. Well, ours has proved the opposite. I think the secret is the same way of thinking and mutual understanding. It is just as important to have similar interests, hobbies, such as literature, history, fine arts – all these help us to see ourselves as if looking in magic mirrors. We also love travelling and do not ever go abroad in order to only have a rest and a sunbath. We are primarily interested in the cultures of lost and bygone civilizations, ancient towns, their extraordinary buildings, churches and temples, art galleries etc. And we have also exhibited Melitta’s paintings in Germany, Austria and Spain.


The Third Revelation

On June 1st 1994 the Lord visited me again. It happened the same way as before with some differences. The bright globe-phenomenon did not take me now into the unknown future. When it appeared I heard God’s voice talking to me out of it:

– Now I am telling You what you and mankind can do for this Earth in order to avoid the horrible disaster. Remember everything you can hear now, because this would mean the difference between life or death. When you feel strong enough, go to the Pope on foot – he is the number one leader of the Christian church and head of the most populous religion. Tell him my message and draw his attention to the fact he is to be accounted for his deeds before me fairly soon. There are many leaders and counsellors of the church who only want to increase and strengthen their own power, wealth and influence, which does not serve the interest of mankind. This is why each religion must revive, or else my message will be met by dead ears. The wealth they had accumulated unjustfully must serve the Earth and peace, otherwise there shall be no salvation for them. On your way to the Vatican tell my message to as many people as you can. Get them to understand they also have to serve me and the cause of peace. A happy future free from violence can only be created by uniting their forces. This holds true of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Shintoists, all followers of the other religions as well, because I am the God of all of them. I sent Zoroaster, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and all the other prophets to Earth so that they serve mankind and the enlightenment of people. Unfortunately each religion has been involved in wars in my name. Why? I did not help any of them. Rulers, sovereigns, heads of states and churches have used my name to enrich themselves, strengthen their own power and influence, and the number of their followers. This practice is blasphemy, but is going on worldwide even today. We must put an end to it. I am the creator of Earth and mankind, and it is all the same which prophet of mine people follow, the important thing is that they do follow them, as through them they follow me. No one can monopolize me! I am the genuine vehicle and guardian of The One and Only Genuine Faith. I am everyone’s god, and every human being exists for me.

The various religious trends should preserve all their exterior and interior forms and ceremonies, but it is time for them to establish a joint peace alliance to create the absolute peace on Earth. This is the only way to avoid meaningless massacres.

Those who do not obey my laws concerning peaceful coexistence, shall not be rewarded with eternal life. The soul dies with the death of the body, and the life lived in sin brings them eternal damnation. I am offering the chance of a wonderful eternal life for those living to my liking. I wish to be merciful with them, and would like each human being to be part of this happiness and bliss which is now impossible to grasp for the human mind.

Faith can only survive if it has followers. After your journey to the Vatican visit followers of each religion, and tell them my message too. If they are willing to obey and understand my goodwill, the time of peace may come which is the very interest of each single soul and pious human being. Do not forget, I am here forever and shall always be present available not only to believers but also those without faith.

Now I am telling you what leaders of the religions should do. The fuglemen of each earthly religion, minor and major ones alike, who accept the primary law of peace and love, are to meet at a neutral location. This meeting must be prepared very carefully but very soon, as we are pressed for time. I am sure it will have opponents all over the world, but you must join forces against the fanatic trends as they only act according to their own interests neglecting the interest of mankind as a whole. The barricades of prejudices against other religions must be broken down. There is no sense in spitefulness and ancour, as I am the foundation of all religion, like I told you before. The ceremonies, morals, philosophy of the various religions are results of free human will. There is nothing wrong with it though. The only problem is that meanwhile all of them have created their own dogmas as well. Not always out of ill-will, but also the instinct to survive brought about antipathy against the others. These contradictions are to be dissolved as it is our mutual interest. There is only one God, even though referred to under different names. Each high priest (pope, imam, rabbi, lama etc.) must be aware that there is no other alternative only one: the unshakable alliance for peace and the protection of nature and environment. We must not let these words to be empty of meaning, the agreement must encourage everyone to act right away. Each inhabitant of Earth must understand the importance of this situation. They have to respect the other nations, accept other people’s customs and habits, faiths and religions, philosophies. And it is a must to encourage people to the love of the family. When handling conflicts, there is only place for peaceful means, or else those may also sin who would otherwise have good intentions.

If people follow and support peaceful religions and individuals, those with evil intentions will lose their basis, and shall be unable to realize their base and vulgar interests. The pious people have the right to know the truth, as they have been manipulated too much and too often. The Religious Alliance of Earth must work on this, and acquire the truth of survival to make the best decisions in my name. So much evil has been done with reference to my example, praying to me, that it is high time to change this practice in the name of love, peace and mutual respect. Sinners must be punished, unfortunately. They are to serve mankind in accordance with their sins. Those who deliberately and purposefully commit deadly sins must be servants till the day they die. This alliance must revise the justful distribution of all goods, help the needy ones, enlighten and teach believers. Those who are learned of course see their own positions as well as that of others. They are morally responsible for teaching their fellows for what is good. It would be nice if everyone would understand that the love of money alienates, makes us lonely and atheists. One can hear it very often: „I would do anything for a taste of happiness!” It is no good just dreaming about it – we must also act. Everyone can be happy via me, and I only ask from you in turn to live according to the spirit of the laws I gave you so as to live in peace together. I know for many people it is difficult to decide to follow the truth in them, but if they actually do it, and can see it was worth, they shall be grateful for me for the chance of getting to know this elevating feeling. Centres must be established in each country so that the problems of people would be treated professionally. The Alliance must stand up against every political decision which neglects or defies human rights. This organization must have enough strength, power and influence to press the governments either with demonstrations, protest marches, or even political and economical embargoes in more critical situations.

These are the most urgent tasks that the Alliance should acccept and practice after its detailed elaboration. People’s faith in me will be able to move enormous energies in order to strengthen what is good and to achieve the holy goals. The UNO is unable to stand up for the cause of peace and human rights because there are selfish interests behind its decisions in the political, economical and military sense as well. The Religious Alliance of Earth can influence the future of mankind through its credo, and this is a more powerful force than anything else. I am going to supervise it, and guarantee that this power can never ever be misused by anyone. Each member of this Alliance must take an oath on my name, and those who break it, will be unmercifully persecuted by my wrath. The decay of Earth can only be prevented by the consequent anti-war propaganda of this Alliance, and the non-stop declaration of peace. In this case the end may as well justify the means: we must keep alive the demon of fear of the disaster and the concept of peace in schools and churches, at mass demonstrations as well.

Beyond all this we must stop the manufacturing of more nuclear weapons on Earth, get the existing ones disarmed, and put an end to the operation of nuclear reactors as they are the worst dangers to living organizations. Armies must be dissolved, no country should be allowed to have armed forces any more. A well-organized police is enough to keep up the civilian law and order. Planet Earth should have just one independent army of mercenaries, the expenses of which must be covered by each state proportionately and regularly. This army must guard and keep up peace all over the world, and some troops of aid would be employed in case of natural catastrophes. The universal disarmament would mean the release of huge material and human capacities, the financials made available this way should be spent on the protection of the environment, the increase of living standards, the development of space research and medicine.

Genetic engineering must be treated with due care, as it is difficult to decide what serves the interest of mankind and what could be dangerous for its existence. People must not be the victims of genetic manipulations as they are perfect the way I created them. Whatever is needed to cure illnesses can be found in nature, this is exactly the reason why I created life circles. The only thing to be done is observe and understand nature. A large number of harmful activities also need supervising. Strict laws must be passed and obeyed in full, always remembering the goal: health is more important than the rapid development of technology. The Religious Alliance is also to supervise this, jus like the plain and simple laws and efficient activities. The serious cases of violating the laws must be investigated, and a common solution must be found to the issues concerning society and faith as well.

I am not about to go on enlisting the teachings of the Creator, as people will hardly do anything against their fate. Those, however, who follow God, shall survive this disaster safe and sound. The Lord has had further revelations for me, yet some of it I do not and cannot share with anyone – there are too few people who would believe me. I am convinced that my prophecies I am publishing hereby are worth of attention for the sake of the survival of more and more innocent souls.



Cs: Why do you think, Zoli, that it is God who addressed yo, and it was not your subconscious or unconscious inner self? There are a lot of people who dream and predict events well in advance.

Sz: I am convinced that our fate is written beforehand. Everything which is true originates from God, and the telepathic predictions of other people are no exceptions to this either. Everyone can receive a prophetic inspiration, if it is in accordance with the intention of the superior being, and the Lord finds him or her worthy of informing of something.

Cs: You mean every single case of prediction is of divine origin?

Sz: Yes, because God makes you aware of the right direction through your soul, and nobody and nothing else is able to do that. The chosen ones live at various locations of the planet Earth.

Cs: Did I get it right? God mediates messages to other people as well?

Sz: Yes. I am not the only one God has chosen. There are not too many of us, but this is relative. The number is some millions. We receive instructions from him straight away from the fourth dimension which is God himself.

Cs: How many revelations have you had so far?

Sz: Quite a few. Thirty at least.

Cs: You have already described how many tasks the Lord has commissioned you with. What are the ones you have already fulfilled?

Sz: I held a one-man demonstration outside the embassy of the USA in Budapest after the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Cs. Why?

Sz: Because this process is an organic part of the final game, which will lead on to World War III. And unfortunately I see it is irresistible. The Lord does not want the Earth to be governed by a dozen of violent politicians and multinational companies, the few who only care for profit, and occupy countries, as this would be the same as slavery. The Lord is not in favour of globalization. Each country, each nation, every human being was born for the sake of its own entirety, and not to turn into a melting, shapeable, soulless material because a few individuals ruling the world wish so. My task is to draw the attention of politicians amd leaders of faith on Earth to the following. I have written an encyclic letter which I am publishing now.


„God has marked the way for each human being, and we must follow this instruction and fulfil our missions conscientiously. My task is to tell about the future to leaders of planet Earth and how this disaster could be avoided. I am the one who must lead those the Lord selected to the place where they could survive World War III, and where we can build a beautiful god-loving world after the terror. Each nation, each religion, every single politician and tycoons of the economy must be working on the upkeeping of peace. If it is not realized withtin the next five years, the future destined by the Lord shall come true. This is the Lord’s condition! 2011 will be the year of atonement for Mankind as such.


God has a personal message for these individuals and organizations:


Leaders and the clergy of the Christian world

Leaders and theologists of the Islam world

The Jewish people

The president of the Russian state

The Parliament of the European Union

The Chinese government

The Senate of the USA



In case only one of these individuals or organizations do not listen to and follow the Lord’s warnings and instructions, the predestined future will come true meaning the annihilation of 3.6 billion people.

After the nuclear war the new prophet chosen by God shall start out from the heart of Siberia to lead the people of Earth to the Father Eternal. He is going to enlighten the new spiritual and physical essence, making it obvious for people that it is only God’s intention that counts – and not those of people. This letter will be delivered to everyone addressed in it. In the name of mankind I beg you now to make the right decision!”

So this is the letter I have written.

Cs: And what happened to it?

Sz: I have had it translated into English, and took a copy to the embassies of the states concerned, and have also sent it to the present-day chairman of the EU, to the Senate of the USA and the general secretary of the UNO: I am curious to know how many of the addressed ones have received as none of them gave me any kind of feedback. I am publishing it now as God has released me from the obligation of secrecy.

God also had the next request: I should go on pilgrimage on foot to those addressed, and deliver them the message in person. I had organized it all, and received the permit from the police too. On November 1st (All Saints’ day) 2005 I left Heroes’ Square in Budapest and started touring on foot to the west. My final destination was Rome or more precisely the Vatican. I was walking for the fifth day when all of a sudden my hips started to ache – the pain was unbearable, so I could not go on. The Lord talked to me then, and pacified me he was pleased with me, I have stood the trial, and had enough stamina and moral strength to start out. I covered 130 kilometres. And then, because I have found you and we started writing down my revelations I have been concentrating on this project instead. I would like to have the book ready as soon as possible.

Cs: What do you think of religions in general?

Sz: God has set me the task to mediate his teachings, but make no opinion of any religion. God is going to do it himself and pronounce judgment on the religions that do not keep themselves to His laws.

Cs: I would like to hear more about the new Saviour.

Sz: The Lord’s prophet shall start out from Central Siberia after the world catastrophe, when mankind shall need him the most. The survivors will follow him as the authenticity of his deeds and words will be obvious for everyone. No one is more dedicated than him to sanctify the harmony of the soul and the body. God shall redeem the errants from ignorance, and by him mankind will get rid of bestial instincts which cause people to commit sins from time to time. The age is coming when values will basically change. Whatever was important but distanced people from God will lose their significance. But we must suffer a lot till then.

To answer the question God is here and shall always be here with us.

Cs: When is the disaster going to start?

Sz: When? It has already started. It is not like lightning out of the blue skies, but the result of a long process. I do not want to start from prehistory, as it is a long story indeed, so let’s go back to the 1980s only, when we started getting to know the concept of globalization. From that time on envy, the greed for power, insatiability, godlessness and processes like this had accelerated and this will result in a worldwide disaster in 2011.

Everyone who live their lives with open eyes and mind must see how much has happened between 1994 and 2006. This is all included in my revelations and have proved correct without exception. (The civil war in Nepal, the genocide in Africa, the massacre in Moscow etc.) Unfortunately I did not publish these, so there may be doubts about it. But whatever I am predicting now until 2011 can be justified. I could also say that anyone can now take me by my word.

The year 2006 is that of the preparation of the dark forces. The USA is already moving on a path it is forced to take, and it was the USA itself that had brought about this situation. They would do anything to manipulate each country of the world according to their own economic and political purposes. The Americans want to have some governments as their allies, whilst the others they shall make their enemies. Just as their interests dictate. The USA cannot be diverted from this any more by human power, except the entire mankind standing up agains them. But we all know how difficult this would be, and I am also fairly aware of this. Deaf ears were turned to my warning letters. And I was unable to pass on God’s teachings of goodwill in an efficient way. It is a shame, and it is breaking my heart to think of the billions of victims who shall cry at the skies. It is not late yet, but it will be late – maybe now is the very last minute. The faithless people will cry for God reflex-like when they realize they are late.

I shall never give up, though, even if my chances of bringing about the cooperation are less and less with each day passing. Unfortunately people have gone astray so far, and they are controlled by envy, greed, jealousy, superiority and mercilessness, that they are unable to receive the sacred words of God and accept them by their souls. Should hopelessness overtake me, I shall be thinking of the few people who have trust and faith in God. I have to save them by all means, and this gives me strength to act on.

In the spring of 2007 there will be new wars starting in the Near East, resulting in enormous economic and political crisis. Prices will break loose, systems already instable will crash and fail. The NATO breaks up, the EU will fall apart into groups of clashing interests. God has already sent the soul of the prophet Mohammed to Earth, incarnated in a human body, to unite the Islams to defend their freedom. In the second half of 2007 there will be a movement of resistance lead by him so strong that it has no precedence in history. „This was one of the messages to the Islamic states.”

The internal conflicts of Russia will accelerate and widen. Those ambitioning world power will take advantage of this opportunity: they shall try to do harm, conspire and incite to increase the chaos in the „big country”. America shall open up new military bases and surround the Russians completely. The parliament in Moscow shall feel in a fix, and decide to take military steps. They shall start defending themselves heavily and then to launch an attack. This is when they are going to be declared an aggressor.

The third world war will break out between Russia, China, the Islam countries and the USA and its allies. China shall feel very strong and powerful in the Far East, and when seeing that the USA is arbitrarily dealing blows on independent states – lying that these are preventive actions it will keep intervening. Korea is also a theatre of war and military operations. Fights are taking place in wider regions affecting millions of people. In Africa several ethnic groups shall fight against one another with much bloodshed, but no large-scale wars shall take place there.

In South America the hatred against the USA will increase, thus American firms and companies will be banned from several countries. Wars will be focussed at some locations on the level of federal states and provinces.

Cs: Will this affect all the continents?

Sz: Yes, with the one exception of the Antarctica. The majority of North America will be affected, just like the bulk of Europe, with England and Russia’s European regions suffering the worst blows. Besides many cities shall be targets of attacks.

In Asia China, Korea, Japan will suffer the worst of the nuclear war which shall also affect the Philippines and Indonesia.

The big cities of the Near East will be hit by nuclear missiles such as those of Israel, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey.

Cs: It is horrible to listen to. I hope this won’t happen!

Sz: Unfortunately, this is what we are in for.

Cs: What about Australia?

Sz: All the big cities of Australia will be affected just like New Zealand. In Africa it is only the northern regions that shall be hit and destroyed. Two locations in South Africa will be hit by nuclear missiles. The heart of Africa shall survive intact. But all this is relative. Such a large-scale nuclear war will affect everything and everyone to some extent. And the consequences are unpredictable yet.

Although they re important strategically, the bulk of Central and South America will survive the cataclysm safe and sound.

Unfortunately the islands of the Pacific region won’t be so lucky. Because of the large military bases there, the devastation will be a large-scale one. By the grace of God India shall only be affected to a lesser degree.

Cs: So you said England will have the worst of the nuclear attack?

Sz: Yes. The British Isles will be razed to the ground. There is no precedence of this kind of destruction in the history of mankind.

Cs: But why shall they have to suffer so much from the Russians?

Sz: Because the British people are loyal to America. The government of Great Britain is always doing what the USA expects from them.

Cs: What about our neighbours?

Sz: Romanians shall definitely suffer. This time they shall not stand on the lucky side. The lives of millions of Hungarians will change into a tragedy with this. We shall feel its effects right away and directly. Poland is also doing bad at politics, unfortunately. Her territory will be a target of the Russian missiles.

Cs: Tell us more about the nuclear war. Who is going to start it?

Sz: None of the super powers shall employ its nuclear arsenal before the final phase, that is the year 2011. In the worst phase of the traditional war Russia shall be driven into the corner. Utterly desperate and knowing that they have vast areas beyond the Ural Mountains, where they can survive the gamma radiation, the Russians will push those buttons. They also trust the prophet of God who is going to start his blessed activities in Siberia right then.

So the nuclear missiles shall be launched, and the American system of defence will fail as it is God’s will, and the superpower shall be exposed to the worst type of danger. Sometime later also the other nuclear powers will launch their own missiles. The consequences are beyond words. Planet Earth will be mourning for long. From that time on every value is changed, marking the dawn of a new world order.

The nuclear attacks will kill some 1,6 billion people. As an after-effect there will be gamma radiation, starvation and epidemics killing yet another 2 billion people within a short period.

Cs: What other tasks do you have besides telling us about all this?

Sz: As I have mentioned it earlier, I would like to go into more precise details with these descriptions. God has appointed me to lead his chosen people to a place where they can survive the disaster. It is all the same which nation, country or religion they belong to. The only thing that counts is that they must have a true desire of the heart that they wish for peace, and want to live and act according to the laws of the Lord in the future. Those who believe in God must leave everything behind, however hard they are attached to material things and mundane pleasures.

Cs: What are you to do more precisely?

Sz: My task is to lead the people chosen by God to a place free and far away from the conflicts. There are no epidemics, and they shall not suffer from either starvation or other problems related to the war either. The Lord has shown me several locations on Earth where people can survive World War III. The chosen ones may come from any of the countries, regardless of their complexion, religion. The only thing that matters is that they must be responsive to God’s teachings and committed to the cause of peace. I have no competence of whatsoever over this issue. I am only their guide taking those who follow me to the right place. When the terror is over, these people shall return to the countries they came from, and pass on God’s teachings to the few lucky ones surviving on the spot. The Lord has promised to reveal himself to his genuine followers. They shall see him, they can touch him, they can talk to him. From that time on God shall not be a mystic entity for us, who is beyond us, and influences our lives from above, but someone present among us who helps us to rise from the depth. Then we shall finally understand that everything on earth is rendered for everyone, nobody can possess anything, not any individual, any group of interest or any nation. When we finally reach the spiritual level of existence, the cosmic space will be open for us to decipher, and all the knowledge about the so-called other world will be available. This means we can get to know the fourth dimension.

I have yet another task to fulfil. I have to tell my followers a message of God preserved for us. These teachings will show us the way to our new life. But I am not about to talk about this yet. Those chosen by the Lord will come to me when it is time to do so.

Cs: I can see some similarities between the prophecies of Nostradamus and what you are saying…

Sz: I have already told you that God has chosen several people who are worthy of having an insight into the future. They are to fulfil their own duties. These missions are different from one another, everyone has to do something else, yet the future is basically the same for everyone concerned. Now that you mention Nostradamus, I am sure you have read his prophecies, just like me. Yet these are phrased and written in an enigmatic way, and thus his prophecies could only be identified after the events at issue had already taken place. There are no precise predictions there, this is the most important difference between us. I have been informed of exact locations, dates and images by God. Some of them I am allowed to talk about, but there are others which I must keep to myself as a secret. In case all information was published, it would result in a series of tragedies. Even so there will be too many victims. I do hope these good words will have the effects desired. By joining forces, wishing for peace, solving the problems at issue we may save the lives of many people.

Cs: What should individuals and nations do after those buttons are pushed?

Sz: Nothing. It is too late then. Politicians, capitals, heads of the churches must commit themselves to the cause of peace in the world. They cannot play the clever afterwards, and say they regret not having acted in a different way. Those who could have done something yet failed to do so in order to prevent the world war shall have a fate no one will envy of them. The souls of 3.6 billion people killed shall await them on the other side. Even if they survive, they are to take the responsibility for their deeds. In the afterworld they shall suffer so much we cannot imagine or describe. They shall fall out of grace with God, and their souls cease to exist. „You shall die the way you were born.” The concepts such as „mine”, „yours”, „his”, „hers” etc. are no longer valid. We must act for one another, not for our selfish beings. According to the teachings of God living equals peace, so its refusal means war and damnation.

Cs. How should believers behave?

Sz: The way I have described before. Each human being has faith within, as the soul feels and the mind must know that God does exist. Those denying this cheat themselves. It is easy to prove that everyone believes in God. Under hypnosis everyone talks about his or her childhood, and in the innocent soul is the home of spirituality: the Omnipotent actually lives in us. The soul is more capable of influencing the mind in those tender years, but later on this is changed and many people are governed by their mind.

All believers must follow God’s teachings, this is the best way they can help. It is all the same whether through a religion or a prophet, but we must be open to what is good. No religions or trends have exclusiveness or absoluteness over the others, as I have mentioned it several times earlier, yet I have to emphasize it from time to time: each religion, every politician, the entirety of mankind must join forces for the cause of peace in the world. And all of us must reject whatever is against God.

Some 99 per cent of mankind regard themselves followers of a religion, and it is horrible that they are at war only because the others have found the same God in a different way. God should be the most important issue, because this is the essence as well, and not religion. God exists without religions and without people, which is not true the other way round.

Cs: What will happen to the flora and the fauna?

Sz: I have answered this question in the second revelation, but I would like to add three more things. On the northern hemisphere – in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Korea, Japan and China – many species of the flora and the fauna will become extinct. Similar effects will feature other locations, but to a lesser degree. The consequences of mutations due to the radiation cannot be calculated right now. The worst destruction will happen in the epicenters of nuclear hits and their environs.

Cs: What will happen in Hungary until the worst comes to the worst?

Sz: Unfortunately almost nothing significant. Hungarian economy is under the influence of the processes of worldwide economy, and the situation is getting worse and worse because of the skirmishings of the political parties. As the country is on the borderline of the NATO and the EU, Hungary will have to face the dilemma of which party to support. This choice is crucial for the fate of Hungarians. If we follow the American policy, then Russia in 2011 shall launch an atom here as an aggressor, destroying the majority of the country. As the defence systems will fail because this is how God shall decide, Central Europe shall also be exposed to the Russian missiles.

The other direction is a more peaceful way: in this case our country joins neutral European organizations, which means no commitment to either the Americans or the Russians. This way direct blows are avoidable, but some of the people in our neighbourhood shall support one of the sides, and thus cannot avoid the apocalypse. The destructive blow will be a large-scale one with serious sacrifices, and I mean now human victims, but they will be able to get prepared for this and survival can be organized.

Cs: I do beg your pardon, but I do not take it as a genuine prophecy. It will happen either this way or the other?

Sz: Too much depends on the decision of people and the leaders at present. If they support peace, God will grant them the chance of survival. God is also willing to change the predetermined fates in some cases, when he realizes people have upright and honourable intentions.

Cs: Let us talk about what we are to do. What advice do you have for us?

Sz: In 2009 conflicts of the world will foreshadow the unavoidable. Those who can afford it should move to the southern hemisphere of planet Earth. Everyone can trust me, I am showing the safe places to those who have faith in God and accept my personality. This is my mission about.

Those who cannot do this, should build air-raid shelters, deep cellars and accummulate as much (canned) food as they can. The lives of masses of people depend on whether the state believes in the oncoming danger or not. Nationwide cooperation, central guidance and investments are necessary and vital. The government should establish enormous underground shelters and store houses, where they can pile up durable consumer goods, food and medicine as well. People must be evacuated from the cities to the countryside, so that only smaller communities should stay at one place simultaneously. This way the issues such as the provision of food suplies are easier to handle, and they have better chances of survival. The education of people must begin fairly soon, so that they shoud know how to protect themselves against radiation, the diseases and epidemics after it.

There will be chaos after the nuclear blow, so at least one of the radio stations should be adjusted to have its programme broadcast even amongst the worst conditions. It is vital for the nation to be able to communicate. The problems will overflow our lives and souls, yet it is important whether we are able to cooperate and unite or not. As the neighbouring countries shall have the same issues to tackle, there will be armed groups and bandits forming here and there, plundering and looting, murdering mercilessly, taking away whatever others possess. There must be a national guard established against them, otherwise they shall overcome working and pious people. This would be the worst possible scenario, as the nation would have no chance of recovering.

In short this is my advice for people and also for the Hungarian government. The most important thing is that we must act against aggression everywhere and in each case, to stand up for peace, and by no means take part in military inventions. Unfortunately we participated in such in Afghanistan and Iraq. God wants peace and quiet among people, and has never wanted anything else, neither its contrary.

Cs: What will happen in your chosen mother country, Germany?

Sz: After the break-up of the EU and the NATO Germany shall choose the alliance of the independent ones. There will be an agreement between Russia and the independent nations in which they promise not to attack one another in any form. Despite this Germany shall also be affected as many European countries will be attacked with nuclear bombs and the after-effects will reach there. Compared to the loss England will suffer (a nuclear attack will almost entirely destroy it) Germany is to lose fewer people. The Germans will be left out of the war as they know they may have the lion’s share in the reconstruction after the rivalry of the world powers. There must be a modern, efficient infrastructure preserved.

Cs: What will happen to the European minorities, especially the Muslims?

Sz: As no agreement shall be made between the Christian and the Islamis world, even though this is one of the conditions of God for peace, the majority of Muslims shall go back to their own countries. Some of them will remain where they are though, and trust the goodwill of the pious Christians. Because of the horrors (either those that happened or those that did not) Europe and the majority of the world will not blame followers of the Islam. It is all very well as they are not responsible for the breakout of the third world war, but their fears drive them home again. The US and Israel shall do everything to make them scapegoats and get everyone to label them so.

Unfortunately, the minorities shall be exposed to atrocities and actions of terror, but it is not a general and worldwide phenomenon. There will be fatal conflicts in the Carpathian Basin and in the Balkan Peninsula leading to minor local wars.

There will be no war in Europe in the traditional sense of the word except for minor and local struggles, thus the majority of people shall hardly experience it. This is why they will not believe that this could lead to a nuclear war, which shall strike all of a sudden. And this is the worst type of danger! Millions of people cannot imagine that everything can be annihilated within a minute!

Cs: Many psychologists, psychoanalysts have analysed human nature. Do you believe that people can change for the better after the „worldwide disaster”, contradicting their selfish, competitive character?

Sz: This is a good question indeed as it shows that people do not believe in their own, positive development. Those who survive shall realize themselves that they are on the wrong way, and as they have nothing in the material sense, they also become aware of the transitoriness of goods. All of a sudden God becomes ever so important for everyone, and they can get to know the Lord thanks to the new prophet. As I have told you, the Lord turns to be obvious and tangible, not the way he is now. And God shall lead us to the spiritual level where everything important for us now will lose its significance, and piety and the obeyance to the divine words will be the essence. This is the only way the soul can be saved, and can dissolve in mercifulness again and again. There will be a joint task, and it will be a joint project. Nobody can eat, drink or use more of the material goods available than what is necessary for his or her daily survival, and whatever is produced besides this, is superfluous. The present-day concept that some people want more and more, drawing parallel between accummulation and the quality of nice life is false. This is only the interest of those who have drifted far away from God and each other deliberately, depriving many others from the chance of their deserved success and getting on. God is going to prevent this practice! The nuclear war shall be our purification too, due to which each mortal being gets rid off the reactions inherited from the beastly times. The Lord shall complete the process of our evolution into human beings this way.

Cs: That reminds me… Earlier, in one of your revelations You mentioned the inflamed Balkan Peninsula. What will be the fate of Serbia and Cosovo?

Sz: Well, in these regions of Europe, the Carpathian Basin and the Balkan Peninsula opposing interest are so strong that national struggles usually end in armed fights. No decisive warfare is expectable here, but many people will suffer from the uproars and die as innocent victims. Just like it happened in the years 1999 and 2000. Belgrade will start limited wars trying to get back at least some of its former territories. In 2011 Serbia will be the target of nuclear missiles, as she remained in alliance with the Russians. I can only tell you about Cosovo that the nuclear hits will deeply affect them with lots of human victims.

Cs: What percentage of mankind do you think is innocent? And who are they? Who are the genuine sinners or criminals?

Sz: Only a few people are genuine criminals, but their influence is incalculable. They are wolves clad in sheep’s clothing who neglect all these warnings. The instinct of acquisition and the greed for power are incurable diseases. This way they contribute to the majority’s ignorance: the bulk of the population shall not be enlightened too much, as future cannot be constructed with such features. They are preventing spiritual development. Shakespeare would say this is part of a divine comedy or tragedy.

The innocent ones, or more precisely misguided ones constitute the most populous community. The ratio is as follows: 5 % sinners, 90 misguided ones and 5 % the chosen ones. Those misguided belong to three groups: political, religious and economic. They are governed by the sinners, who influence their minds infecting them with feeble desires, neglecting the soul. We meet this phenomenon wherever we go. Only one example: think of the films you watch on the telly or buy in the videostores.

The manipulated ones this way distance themselves from the divine guiding principles and turn into consumers susceptible to influence comforting to the expectations of the provokers, but pushing off from the overall universal and blissful laws of the universe. With this practice they are destroying the world in which they live anyway. This is why 3.6 billion people of the present-day population must die because of the nuclear war. Those people who survive will find the way back to God after an enormous shock. Yet this is not the end of the sentence of the Eternal Being: the surviving sinners and criminals will be accounted for their deeds one by one, and shall receive their own punishment.

The chosen ones will survive the cataclysm without suffering either in soul or body. God will give them the chance and the physical strength to be able to help the survivors. They shall show them the right way, teach them the divine laws, how to live modestly in spiritual peace and satisfaction. The teachers are the select people of God, who mediate between the heavenly being and people. They are not priests, they do not teach religion, but educate the rules of cooperation and co-existence with God. This means radically new and different basic rules representing the balance and the logic of the omnipotent God and the world and also reveal it to mankind. Otherwise it is all the same what religion or which prophet a believer finds his or her way to God through. But after this everything else becomes superfluous: God opens the possibilities for perception in soul and body. And thus everything else loses its importance and significance.

Cs: It seems to me a lot more innocent (poor) people will die than sinners. Am I right?

Sz: Unfortunately this is reality. Many of the so-called innocent and misguided ones will die, but their soul will be rewarded and have the chance of rebirth in a human body. On the plane of time this could happen anytime. God shall have mercy on those who did not commit deadly sins.

Cs: Let us go back to what you talked about earlier. I still cherish the hope that this apocalypse won’t ever happen. Let’s take it one by one. Please tell me details about the message of the Lord through you to those individuals and organizations.

Sz: As I have already said I received no answer from anywhere so God has released me from the obligation of secrecy. So I am telling you what this message was exactly about.


To the Christian leaders of the world!

Each religion must be regarded and treated as equal, none of them is exclusive, as God has never wanted them to be exclusive ones. The Christian church is responsible for many sins, especially because of its past. Now it is time to redeem as much as possible. The Christian church is to initiate the foundation of a worldwide alliance of religions to guard the laws of the Omnipotent. The enormous wealth of the church which is the result of the usurpation of the poor accummulated throughout some thousand years must be used for the needy ones and for purposes of medication. The church must support the nations they had exploited and deprived of their ancient faith with violence. They are to help them to find their identity again, and allow them to practise their original religion. If it won’t happen like this till 2010, Christianity as a religion will perish and disappear from Earth just like many other religion in the history of mankind. Only those faiths will survive that serve the interest of mankind and are based on genuine divine prophecies…

Cs: I see. What about Muslims?

Sz: To the leaders and theologists of the Islam states!

The message is basically the same for the Islams as for the Christians with some additions. Their terrorist organizations carry on the most rudimentary fight in the name of their religion. The suicidal attempts are unacceptable, they should give up this method immediately. By the mercy of God prophet Mohammed has been born again and shall appear in 2007 to unite the Islam world to protect their lives and faith against an armed, atheist group emphasizing false prophecies, aiming at globalization and killing people out of their selfish interests. God only forgives defensive fights, but will have no mercy on satanic attackers. What God has given the Moslim states in the forms of natural treasure and material goods can only be used for the cause of peace now or else God shall take everything back from them.

To the Jewish People!

The Jews have suffered a large number of strokes of fate throughout the history of mankind. It shall be the same this time unless they take the warnings seriously and act like expected. The leaders of Israel are drunken with power, they manipulate their people according to their own individual interests. There are also economic groups that sprawl on countries and nations of the world, and think as they possess money and power they can do anything. They do not obey the divine laws either and interpret the basic rules of peaceful co-existence in a different way. They neglect the formulas of ethics, representing their own interest to the extremes in order to achieve their goals. Their faith does not regard terrorism a sin. They think they are the guardians of globalization, and God created the Earth primarily for them. This is a faulty way of thinking and will result in the death of several millions of Jews again. The main principle of God’s message is that every Jew should stand up for peace. The wealthy ones should give up their speculations and share the bulk of their wealth for purposes of charity. Unless they do so, the nuclear war will be the most disastreous blow on their people all over the world. They shall be persecuted after the devastation again, as their leaders are responsible for the catastrophe.

To the president of the Russian state!

God has set the Russians the task to start the world now rotten to the chore on the right way. Those uninhibited powers that are working now to make the majority of mankind slaves shall soon provoke Russia as well. Their activities will weaken them economically and politically so much that they will be forced to start wars with the provokers. This will be the reason to call the Russians aggressors and to persuade the world through the media to take revenge. Forces of globalization will believe they can be the winners but they do not calculate with God. The defense systems and all the other miraculous weapons will fail. The Russians shall have no other choice than using nuclear weapons. As both parties will panic, they will launch nuclear missiles causing horrible desolation. The majority of Siberia shall survive this, and the new prophet will start his mission from here showing the way to the survivors and launch the movement for world peace. Their very first task in the region is to provide each ethnics equal individual and collective rights. Other countries and nations will also join them. Doing this is not a sign of weakness, but that of the trust in God.

To the Parliament of the European Union!

This alliance is a fragile toy exposed to the politics of the USA.

Cs: I do not believe you now. I am sure they are extending the Union, because Europe wants to be independent of America both economically and militarily.

Sz: This is an illusion. Starting from the question whether Europe with so many languages and different nations could be re-created as a united organization. It is impossible in itself. The various nations have had wounds of the past, and even though they do not want to revenge these, it results in envy and jealousy, which prevents development. The national conflicts starting soon will result in the break up of both the NATO and the EU. This is when the states of Europe should remain neutral as this is the only way they can avoid the nuclear blow. The states that shall take the side of any of the world powers practically sentence themselves to death.

Cs: You mean this will happen to England?

Sz: Yes. God will only spare those countries of the total destruction that employ every peaceful means in order to preserve peace both in the material and political sense.

To the leaders of China!

China is in for a major trial. In the Far East emotions will soon break loose. Starting from bad examples which they learned from the USA, the leaders of this huge empire shall make a bad decision, and China starts to expand. She feels strong, but this is only an illusion. Following the first successes they shall receive a horrible nuclear blow and suffer the worst losses of people. Some 70 per cent of the population will die. The world war will mean unbelievable poverty and suffering for them. I wanted to warn the leaders of China to do everything in order to acquire the grace of God. They must guarantee their people human and collective rights, give Tibet its freedom back, and be satisfied with what they have. It is a country with traditions of several millennia which does not deserve such a disaster. With faith and wish for peace they could help themselves a lot.

To the senate of the USA!

Evil and uninhibited powers control the economy and politics of the US. They have gone far from God, even though they have written on their money „We trust in God”, their actions annihilate this slogan. They regard themselves the peacemakers of the world, and try to force their own ideology on the other nations of the world. They deliberately mislead the masses, sacrificing them for demagogy. Their democracy is a haughty one, and only aims at globalizing mankind. They made the dollar equal with the Omnipotent: money is the god in their country. American people think wars abroad are justified and necessary, if they have the promise of profit and increase their respect. For a long time they exported their designed, precisely executed lifestyle which can be named anything but god-fearing. They have planted a kind of confection-feeling in people’s souls, a kind of clichéd thinking in their minds, through which they can control the nation as their interests dictate. People are selfish and atheist now there. They must pay an enormous price for their sins. The third world war is a result of American politics, the lust for power typical of the capitalists and the ignorance of citizens. The most important message for them is that they must leave the world in peace. They must not want to export their democracies and ambition to be the supervisors of each country. They should not imagine that they are the source of everything good and must not start war anywhere any more.

I am afraid this warning shall be neglected in America. The USA uninhibitedly wades across everything and everyone to achieve its goals and become the lord of the world. They are ignorant enough to believe they shall be winners in every war and that the world will change as they want it.

Still there is hope: ordinary American citizens could do something if they unite. For example to launch powerful peace movements, strengthen the existing ones, and get rid of the people of violence and militarism. If they do not act like this, their super power will cease to exist after the 2011 at the price of enormous losses.

To the UNO!

This organization has been suspicious ever since its foundation. Many facts suggest that the UNO represents the interest of the super powers only and protects their privileges. The minor countries are only in it to increase the number of members and voting number, to keep up pretension, that of justice and righteousness. It can hardly serve the interests of mankind, and its legitimacy in its present form is challengeable. There are powerful, medium-sized and weak nations in it, and they are ranked accordingly. However, God created each nation, people and human beings equal. Whatever differs or deviates from it is a source of sin. If the UNO were able to measure its member states with the same standards, if it did not make distinction between rich and poor nations, it could do a lot to change the critical situation. For some reason it is not willing to do this and is not listening to any wise advice. It is a shame. Millions of people could be saved if this could be changed.

After the nuclear war it will be a genuine need to have an effective UNO: by obeying to the divine laws there must be an actual and realistic representation of people which serves the future of mankind as a whole and not that of a few people hungry for power. The equality of of the countries could at last be realized both in politics and economics. The gap between the rich and the poor must be erased legally.

Cs: And God will help us in everything?

Sz: Yes, but only after the nuclear war. Those without sins shall have mercy, and the Lord shall lead us on the road of peace, understanding and happiness. We shall at last get rid of our animal-like instincts that have prevented us from spiritual development.

Cs: I feel there are lots of contradictions in what you are saying. I do not want to go into details, but those reading it shall also notice.

Sz: I have warned you of this at the very beginning. There are contradictions in my revelations indeed. I cannot help it and I am only telling you what I have seen and experienced.

Cs: Let’s talk openly. People will only believe when they see it is justified. The supposed nuclear disaster is a few years’ ahead of us. Tell us what will happen till then starting with the next year.

Sz: In the spring of 2007 the war in the Near East will get even more critical. In summer we shall witness a stock market crash resulting in economic crises all over the world. The USA shall launch an attack against Iran and Syria. The majority of the Islamic world will unite, and most of the pro-American regimes in the region will fail.

Cs: What about the year 2008?

Sz: At the beginning of the year we shall see the break-up of NATO. America will be left with England, Canada, Poland, Romania and Portugal. The EU shall shake but survive. The war will go on in the Near East (Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraque, Iran, Afghanistan), America helps and finances forces against the Islam league and Russia. This is when the Korean war starts. China will help North Korea against Southern Korea, the USA and Japan. China will feel strong, and move on starting to invade: first re-occupying Taivan, attack Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, the Philippines. Regarding the fact that the capacity of the American army will be occupied, China shall achieve decisive victories. There will be increasing economic and military conflicts in Russia, with the strengthening of nationalism and the continuation of the manslaughter in Tchetchen areas.

In 2009 the Russian cancer will grow. Member states that had broken away from the former Soviet Union will be provoked by the Americans, thus the conflict between them shall turn critical resulting in military clashes. In the Caucasian region there will be war agains Georgia and Azerbaijan in Central Asia. Turkmenistan, Usbegistan and Tajikistan shall be the scenes of the war. Kasakhstan serves as a point of impact in the region.

Pro-Russian and pro-Western forces shall clash in the Ukrainia. The EU shall fall apart, which causes uncertainty in economics, especially in the countries recently making allies. Wars will go on in the Far East, China shall occupy the bulk of Southeast Asia.

Cs: And in 2010?

Sz: The USA will wage a war on several fronts against its enemies: some Islamic countries. Israel is the most important ally of the US in the region, but it is heavily attacked by the Arabian countries showing deeper and deeper hatred. The most important outer ally is Great Britain which directs decisive military forces into the Near East. Strategically the US will surround Russia. They have been controlling the seas of the world for a long time now, with their airplane carriers at the Northern Ice Sea, the Baltic region, the Pacific Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, using the islands as military bases where they can launch their missiles to St Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok etc. There is a corridor opening to the Americans from the direction of the Caucasus and Central Asia. To make their mission easier the countries along the borders concerned – Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbegistan, Tajikistan – shall ask for further assistance and receive help from the US. Wars in the Russian areas and along the frontiers will turn even more cruel which will be another blow to the instable inner economics. Luckily, there is no passage from the direction of Europe, as not all European nations join the American aggression. The North Korean war will not expand any further, the American forces will be able to keep the front with the Japanese. Australia and Canada will take part in it with their troops on the American side.

And we are in 2011. This is the year of terror. Russia will behave like a bear driven into a corner. Patriots of the „great nation” will remember their past glory and feel hurt. Thus they make every effort, not afraid of anything. The first nuclear bomb will blow up as a result of the Arabian intention – as it is smuggled into Israel. This shall be the „hellish opening”, the triggering signal which shall cause the outbreak of the nuclear war. The Russians shall soon follow the example, and the US shall provide a prompt answer.

Cs: How much I wish it did not happen like this!

Sz: Unfortunately this is how it will work out. I have already seen everything. Like I have told you, Great Britain, Israel, the US, China and the European part of Russia will suffer the worst damage. Almost the same type of catastrophe will strike Poland, Romania and Serbia. Radioactive pollution will have its effect on the whole of the northern hemisphere. It is a kind of self-deception to believe there is a way out. The northern part of Africa will also suffer a serious blow. It shall affect the southern hemisphere to a lesser degree with South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and the islands of the Pacific Ocean hit by nuclear inter-continental missiles. I have already mentioned all the other countries concerned.

Cs: And then?

Sz: The universal chaos you mean?

Cs: Have you got anything else to say about it?

Sz: I expect everyone to contact me who receive the divine inspiration due to these prophecies. I am at anyone’s service from now on. I am ready to answer any questions, and shall be prepared to lead the chosen ones in due time. We shall go to that safe shelter I have told you about.

Cs: Is it a must for us to leave? Cannot we survive this world disaster at home in a well-built cellar or air-raid shelter?

Sz: Hardly. I have to tell you that gamma-type radiation shall be harmful at least for ten years in the atmosphere of the European countries, in the flora, in the buildings and in the soil as well. Diseases will spread so extensively that no one can feel safe. Who is able to vegetate underground for ten years or even more time? I am hereby repeating: when time has come, I shall lead the chosen ones. And we shall go to that safe place resreved for us.



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